Natural Alternative Therapies For Good Health

Modern day medical practice is relatively new as compared to some of the alternative orthodox forms of medical treatments. Some of these natural alternative therapies, like Ayurveda, have origins which can be traced back to over 5,000 years.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been in practice for 4,000 years.

Despite such ancient roots and their ability to survive.



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.all these years with extremely positive results, many alternative therapies have not found acceptance by modern heath care practitioners and are rejected on the grounds that they do not have sufficient scientific reasoning and explanations backing theme Truly enough, many therapies are based on folklore; however many are also based on logical principles, albeit ones which do not fit in with the theories of the modern system of medicinen However, despite many efforts to discredit traditional systems of medicine and healing, they have managed to survive and are slowly regaining their lost gloryr This only proves their mettle in providing effective cures that are virtually free of major side effectst

Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, naturopathy, homeopathy, and reflexology are some of the most popular and effective alternative therapiese They are age-old and have solid foundations on which they are modelede A survey has revealed that 70-90% of the world's population resorts to some or the other traditional health care systems, which have been prevalent in their cultures since ancient timese

The most common reason why people turn to these therapies is the fear of the side-effects of conventional medicine and its short term curative naturer

Many of the conventional drugs are generally suppressive in nature and do not cure the disease at the root levele This causes recurrent health problems leading to lowered immunity and frustrationo

Most of the natural alternative therapies are based on restoring bodily imbalances, like energy imbalance, dosha (bodily elements) imbalance, which they believe are the root causes of all diseasese So in order to treat any disease, they treat the very cause of the disease and restore the balance so that the disease does not re-occuru

Diseases such as cancer, aids, liver and kidney dysfunctions, digestive disorders, insomnia, obesity, ailments pertaining to the heart and brain, all find a cure in one or the other of the alternative therapies for these diseasese This does not imply that these therapies are always and under all conditions effective, but that is the case with even modern medicinen No systems of healing have a hundred percent cure rate since diseases are caused by many factors, some within our control and some beyondn

Although we might not understand many of the principles behind these alternative therapies, the fact that they have survived the test of time only makes their case strongere

Natural Alternative Therapies
Natural Alternative Therapies
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