Advice on low sperm count

(August 30, 2011)

I am 38 years old.I am suffering my low sperm count. Is it curable and if any treatment is there to improve the sperm count and impove the quality of semen

Low Sperm Count Cure

Any condition affecting an individual’s sexual performance is always looked at as being a serious medical problem. A low sperm count on a middle aged man is sometimes taken to be more than a simple medical problem and seen as a problem with his manhood. As a result, it is understandable to see a number of men look for solutions when faced by this problem. There are a few yoga asanas or poses that could help with this problem. These yoga poses are – the Fire Essence Technique (Agnisaar Kriya), the Plough pose (Halasana) and the Bridge pose (setubandhasana). All of these poses serve to promote blood flow to the abdomen and thereby boost the health of the reproductive organs. When performed over a period of time, they are also known to help cure problems like infertility. Remember that habits like excessive ejaculation as well as smoking and excessive alcohol intake could cause this condition.

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Are There Any Ways To Increase Sperm Count Naturally?

In order to increase sperm count naturally yoga exercises such as (Kandasana) upward ankle twist pose, (Halasana) plow pose, (Setubandhasana) bridge pose, (Dhanurasana) bow pose, Ashwani mudra and Bhastrika pranayam must be practiced regularly. In the Kandasana pose the ankles are twisted upwards in the form of a ‘Namaste’ in a sitting posture. This posture is very beneficial for those who suffer from sexual problems. Practicing this posture regularly is one of the best ways to increase sperm count and also to cure impotency. The Plow pose involves lying on your back with your hands by the sides and stretching your legs over your head till the toes touch the ground above your head. This asana should be practiced at least 2-3 times everyday, preferably in the morning in order to improve sperm count and sperm motility. Setubandhasana involves lying on the back with your knees bended and raising your hips and back in a bridge like curve. This posture is one of the best ways to increase sperm count naturally and also increase the volume of semen. Ashwani mudra and Bhastrika pranayam on the other hand involve breathing techniques which help in increasing sperm production by massaging and relaxing the genital muscles.

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Does Natural Remedies For Low Sperm Count Actually Effective?

Many people prefer using natural remedies for infertility as they are safer, cheaper and most often do not have any side effects. The most effective advice on low sperm count is to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, both of which are highly beneficial in improving sperm count. For men who suffer from this problem it is advisable to have a diet rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins and low in fat. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains should be eaten regularly and adequate intake of water should also be maintained. Foods rich in zinc such as oysters should be eaten regularly as they can improve the quality and quantity of sperms. Nuts, celery and avocados are also good natural remedies for infertility as they also help to improve the sperm count and the quality of the semen. Habits like smoking and alcohol should be kept at a minimum as they can cause infertility issues. Some of the other natural low sperm count cures can be found in herbs like gingko biloba, maca extracts and horny goat weed, all of which are very helpful in increasing the sperm count. Flaxseed oil contains vital fatty acids which are very helpful in increasing blood circulation to the male genitals and increasing sperm production.

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What Are The Low Sperm Count Treatment Options?

The term sperm count refers to the number of sperms found in a sample of semen. The quantity of sperm is related to the fertility of the male involved. A lower sperm count would also lower the possibility of reproduction. While it takes only one sperm to fertilize an egg, low sperm count indicates that there is some weakness in the production of sperm which needs to be addressed in order to improve fertility. There are a number of different possible causes for low sperm count. These include smoking, drug use, obesity, nutritional imbalances, genetic factors, varicocele damage and stress.

Low sperm count treatment would depend entirely on the exact cause of the problem. When dealing with this condition, the doctor will check for the underlying causes before determining what treatment can be used. The underlying cause will be tackled using medicine and various therapies that would work to cure the condition. The individual should gradually regain a normal sperm count once the underlying cause has been taken care of and treated. In case of genetic abnormalities or severe damage to the reproductive organs, there may not be any treatment that available that would improve the sperm count of the patient.

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Low Sperm Count : Is Low Sperm Count Curable?

Low sperm count is a condition that a number of men suffer from all over the world. However, because of the significant amount of social stigma attached to suffering from the condition, not many people get themselves tested and, as a result are not aware of the fact that they are suffering from it in the first place. Yoga is considered to be one of the most effective holistic forms of treatment for a number of medical conditions.

When it comes to low sperm count cure, there are a number of yoga postures that can help substantially. The more highly recommended yoga male infertility treatments are focused on regulating the blood flow to the lower abdomen in the body and thereby boosting the health of the reproductive organs. These highly recommended yoga postures include the (Agnisaar Kriya) Fire Essence Action, the (Halasana) Plow Pose, the (Setubandhasana) Bridge Pose, the (Dhanurasna) Bow Pose and the (Ashwani mudra) Horse Gesture. You can find a lot of information on how to perform these various yoga postures through a number of sources such as the internet as well as your local bookstore. When suffering from a low sperm count, you can also try taking advantage of some of the many home remedy treatment options available online as well.

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Advice on low sperm count 

Low sperm count or decreased quality of semen is a problem faced by middle aged men. This can occur due to excessive stress, smoking or alcohol use, very frequent ejaculation, tight undergarments, bathing in hot sauna, sitting for longer period of time and overweight. Zinc deficiency and malfunctioning in the genital organs and infected semen.

Certain ways of improving sperm count:-

  • Reduce the number of masturbation. Maintain a gap of 3 days between the two ejaculations.
  • Have a balanced diet that is low in fat and high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Increase the intake of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Drink ample amounts of water.
  • Oysters are rich in zinc and hence help in increasing the testosterone production and the improving the quality of sperms.
  • Celery, avocados and other nuts can increase the sexual desire and improve the quality of semen.
  • The best time for love making is during morning and afternoon as the sperm levels are highest during this period.


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