Pranayama Techniques

(August 1, 2008)

What are the names of Pranayama? What are their benefits?


There are various kinds of paranayamas which one can undertake as a part of yoga and yoga exercises. It involves lot of breathing exercises which helps greatly in the reduction of the weight of the individual. Pranayam has to be practiced with great caution and any deviation may provide strain on any sensitive organ of the body. Hence, the traits of the asana should be learnt well before moving further.


There are various pranayama techniques like bhastrika pranayam, kapal bhati pranayam, bahaya pranayam, anulom vilom pranayam, bhramri pranayam, udgeeth pranayam.


These asanas of yoga should be practiced when none of the body parts are affected due to any trauma or ailments. It should be practiced in full strength and vitality as these asanas are little tough and requires lot of concentration and energy. It works with breath control exercises. The air which is undertaken by the body is called pran and hence the name of the asana is pranayama.


The air which is inhaled contains lot of energy along with the oxygen which helps in keeping the life live on earth. It helps the body to attain the transcendental state where one can free one self from various thoughts and concentrate only on one particular topic and can be thoughtless as well.


This asana has several benefits on the human body. It helps in secretion of the hormones like beta endorphin and enkaphalins which provides relief from the stress and strain on the human body. It helps to treat the diseases like diabetes and asthma and also depression, insomnia and migraine. It helps to provide better concentration to the human body and aids in better cognitive functions of the body.


The mind and body can be made free from negative thoughts and can welcome positive energy. It also works wonders in the treatment of cervical spondylities and also arthritis which are basically caused due to generation of toxins in the human body. The main intention of yoga is to rejuvenate the body by removal of the toxins and helps the body to regain the strength, vigor and vitality.


Like all other asanas of yoga it has all general benefits of reduction of stress and boosts the stamina of the human body but at the same time it increases concentration and helps to provide better self control. It also increases the immunity of the human body and restores mental peace. It helps to provide harmony within and outside in the human body so as to have a unity between the surroundings and self.


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