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(August 8, 2008)

I've blood pressure and as blood pressure increases blood comes out of my left nose. Is there a remedy in pranayama?

There can be several causes for the bleeding nose and the chief amongst them stays to be caused due to sharp finger nail. You can treat bleeding nose with Pranayam (breathing exercises) of Yoga.

Excessive nose picking or any accidental injury can cause harm to the nose and it can cause intense bleeding from the nose which can be non-stop due to some internal nose fracture. Environmental changes also affect the nose and polluted environment may cause etching sensation. Hypertension and heart diseases have also been recognized as other causes for nose bleeding. The intensity and the duration of the bleeding nose increases with the blood pressure. If the body already has been diagnosed with high blood pressure then the pressure of the blood flow from the nose will be higher.

Yoga helps greatly in the treatment of high blood pressure by regulating the flow of blood in various organs of the body by having a control over the metabolism rate of the body. Hypertension is a silent killer and it is well managed by managing lifestyle. Yoga provides freedom from the thoughts clouding the human mind and the meditative postures of yoga helps the body to relax and concentrate on one aspect rather than bringing variety of thoughts in the mind.

Certain postures of Yoga like Sukhasana (Easy pose) provide comfort to the body without much stretching and straining of the bodily organs. Corpse position (Savasana) is also a relaxed posture which relaxes the mind and the body completely. Pranayam asanas of yoga which involve variety of breathing exercises helps to provide treatment to the nostrils and nose and opens the channels which have been blocked causing impaired breathing. Alternative nostril breathing helps in activating mind and also helps to concentrate better. Concentrating near the third eye between the two eyebrows helps to support the meditative approach by increased concentration and accelerated memory power.

Deep breathing exercises also helps in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases inclusive of blood pressure and intense nostril bleeding. It also helps for better heart function and increases the pulse rate of the body which is governed by breathing. Quiet breathing helps to provide freedom from the stress and strain in the human body and provides mental balance along with restoration of physical stature.

Kumbhaka (Breath retention) also helps in controlled inhalation and exhalation thereby controlling the pranic flow of energy in the human body.

Submitted by R J on August 8, 2008 at 07:16

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