Yoga For Healthy Heart

Everyone can start by living a healthy life and practicing Yoga. Yoga and meditation thrice a week is said to improve heart health.

Research findings increasingly show that people who practice Yoga and meditation have better chances of reducing blood pressure, pulse and - most importantly - their risk of heart disease.

Yoga improves heart health not just in healthy individuals.



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Standing Bow Pulling Pose

.but also those diagnosed with heart diseases Time and again, it has been proven that Yoga and meditation programs improve blood vessel functioning, also called endothelial functiono Endothelial function is a crucial indicator of atherosclerosisi Since the disease and plaque build-up progresses, the blood vessels get less supple and are unable to constrict and expandn Stress has been proven to increase the risk of coronary eventst This is why Yoga and meditation are recommended as stress bustersr

The practice of Yoga is also proven to be incredibly beneficial to our circulatory systeme Besides helping to deal with circulatory ailments, Yoga practice can actually help build stronger heart muscles and improve circulation, to prevent and deal with blood and heart related problemsm

You can easily avoid physical - and mental - disorders if only the blood flow to the organs is well maintainede Here are a few points on how Yoga can help in regulating a circulating of blood and nutrients throughout the system:

  • Standing Asanas - In these, the lateral walls of the heart get fully stretched and toned upu Subsequently, there is a healthy flow of blood on the walls
  • Inverted Asanas - As the body is constantly accustomed to standing up, in these poses, the lymphatic system in the legs and muscles that assist in pumping the blood upwards can receive rests These asanas also help to avoid tissue degeneration as they allow for proper blood circulation to the brain
  • Horizontal Asanas - You can reduce blood pressure by performing horizontal posese As your heart and lungs are rested, rejuvenated, and well-ventilated, they function better
  • Bending Asanas - When these asanas are done effortlessly and without straining oneself, they help enhance blood supply to the myocardiumu Subsequently, they, undoubtedly, tone up the cardiac muscles

Believe it or not, stretching can actually do more than make you limber, according to newer findings coming up dailyl If we only learn the right way of doing Yogasanas and breathing exercises, it will definitely help in preventing serious complications resulting from restricted blood flowo Rather than stuff ourselves with lots of unnecessary medicines, go in for the natural way of enhancing your mental, physical, and spiritual self through Yogag

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