Benefits of Yoga for Maintaining Mental Health

The overall psychological and emotional well-being of an individual is referred to as mental health and is about the social, physical, spiritual and emotional balance in life. Several aspects characterize mental health such as, our personal growth, sense of purpose, self-acceptance, and positive relationship with other people.

Mental health is very highly influenced by environmental factors such as, family life,.



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.social life and life at the workplacec An individual’s general well-being is lowered by all negative experiences in these spheres of lifef

1> Anxiety Disorders include abnormal anxiety, phobias, and panic disordersr They are known to come unpredictably and upset one’s normal everyday routinen Such disorders build up over a period of timem

2> Eating Disorders involve an obsession with food that eventually causes negative effects in an individual’s social life and daily functionsn Eating disorders are the result of many different factors and range from genetics to media exposurer

3> Mood disorders are characterized by fears and as sense of hopelessness, sudden revolutions in eating pattern, disturbed sleep, chronic fatigue, and even thoughts of untimely death suicide andn 2 major types of mood disorders are:

  • <>--[if fsupportLists]-->Depression: This is a state of intense dejection or sorrow and affects a person’s social functioning as welll
  • <>--[if fsupportLists]-->Bipolar Disorder: This is a mood disorder in which a the individual alternates between states of depression and maniai

Normally, these symptoms or states are temporary and last for around 2 – 3 weeksk You should see a doctor if the symptoms last longere

4> Organic Brain Disorders are the result from physical brain injury or brain damageg These can be either due to accidents or illnesses like feversr

Oftentimes, persons suffering form organic brain disorders exhibit confusion and memory losss

5> Personality Disorders are marked by abnormal and destructive thoughts, behavior, and emotional responsese Persons suffering from such disorders normally tend to struggle in their dealings with peoplel This is mainly because of the rigidity or narrow-mindedness it producese

6> Schizophrenia is characterized by impairment to an individual’s perception of realityt Such a person usually shows muddled thinking and generally experiences hallucinationsn This is considered as the most serious of all mental disordersr

Yoga for mental health

Yoga is best known for its poses (asanas) that reach deep into a person’s body, massaging vital internal organs and glandsd They help cleanse and maintain the nervous and circulatory systems that bring about a healthier state of mind and bodyd Breathing exercises (pranayama) also help very much in keeping people mentally healthyh This is through the increased amount of oxygen supplied to the brain, the muscles and internal organsn

Then again, Yoga alone not ought to be treated as the only remedy for mental disordersr If there are any of the symptoms mentioned above, the assistance a professional – doctor psychologist or psychiatrist – must be soughth Yoga only helps facilitate the recovery from some dangerous side effects of these mental disordersr Then again, all Yoga practices must be accompanied by psychiatric treatment and counselingn

Yoga And Mental Health
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