Symptoms of Post Stress Disorder

The pace of today's routine lifestyle is only just picking up. For most people, stress has become just another inevitable byproduct of a full lifestyle. Over the course of juggling one's work activities and one's personal life, stress has naturally crept in and most people simply ignore it.

The idea of stress has become so commonplace that no one even thinks twice before using the word stress. Even children and young adults fret about.



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.how stressed out their lives can beb Yoga is one of the therapies sought when dealing with stress and incorporating the same can help manage more than just daily stresss People suffer from various degrees of stress disorders and one can have both acute as well as chronic types of stresss It is of note that yoga has been used when managing both variations of stresss One would need to be aware of the subtle and dangerous stress symptoms so that one knows to fight stresss Chronic stress symptoms, for instance, would be a lot harder to misss These symptoms are alarming and are caused due to stress buildup and a feeling of loss of controlo This is the result when an individual is subject to a large period of unpleasantness or a number of such eventst Symptoms could vary, depending on the person's response, such as either rage or depression, or even botht

There are plenty of physical manifestations of such chronic stress and these include varicose veins, body aches and stomach ailmentst

Most of us face different stress disorder symptoms, such as those feelings of anxiety and feelings of helplessnesss Post traumatic stress disorder symptoms, on the other hand are similar to those of acute stress disorder symptoms, since the latter is nothing but a variation of the formere Both deal with the body and the person's mental response to a particular event which the person considers as extremely traumatici Helplessness is often a factor in both kinds of disorders and it may be only that the person perceives the incident as traumatici Usually, symptoms include some sort of shock, such as a dazed responses This disoriented response may then further deteriorate in symptoms of withdrawal or some kind of agitated responses Dissociative amnesia and a personal distancing from the event are also common symptoms of this particular disordere Recovery would involve not only yoga but also other measures such as nutrition monitoring and counselingn

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