Yoga For Stress Relief

(January 22, 2009)

how do yoga help in avoiding stress

Yoga is all about balancing your mind with your body, your thoughts with your actions and creating harmony. Once this balance is achieved there is no place for stress at all. Yoga is a way of life that teaches you to bring about this balance so you feel more calm and relaxed and this helps to eliminate stress. Yoga asanas or poses are a workout for your mind just as they are for your body and they help to release the endorphins that are responsible for that happy feeling you get after your workout. This is what eliminates stress. Yoga is an excellent system that helps to stretch not just your body but you’re your mind. When you practice yoga asana it puts different levels of pressure on the various muscles and organs in your body in a very systematic and controlled manner. This has several benefits for your body as it is like an internal massage and at the same time it helps to tone and sculpt your physique. So it provides internal and external benefits at the same time. The breathing exercises affect your nervous system directly and this causes the parasympathetic nervous system to take over from the sympathetic nervous system that brings about a relaxation response from it and you feel relaxed, calm and peaceful.

Besides yoga asanas or poses help to sustain this pleasant feeling with the help of meditation. Meditation keeps your mind free of worries and tension, helps you to focus better, improves your memory and concentration, boosts your will power and keeps you in a relaxed, calm and peaceful state so the stress is no more. Yoga asanas or poses help to detoxify and deeply cleanse your body making you feel energetic and refreshed. The asanas also help to increase your core strength, improve your muscle endurance, build your stamina, tone and sculpt your body and gives it a healthy glow that makes you look good and feel great both inside and outside. Core power yoga can address some these poses. And when this happens you would naturally feel much better and stop stressing completely. Yoga is a wonderful and clever form of exercise for people of all age groups as at the end of each session it make you feel both totally energized and at the same time completely calm and peaceful.

You may try the meditation and the pranayama or the breathing exercises to personally experience the power of yoga for yourself.

Submitted by G M on January 22, 2009 at 12:34

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