Yoga for stress

(July 25, 2008)

Mentally depression and stress. Please advise some yoga exercises?

Yoga is a comfortable form of exercise that does not stress or strained the individual. One of its major factors is the treatment of depression or mental issue is with the help of Pranayama and meditation. However if you are under any form of medication from a medical practitioner, yoga must be performed in consultation with your doctor. Almost all forms of yogasanas help in dealing with the root cause of depression by toning up the central nervous system, stimulating the back circulation in the body, promoting and boosting concentration in the mind and energizing the physical and mental self. Deep meditation techniques are highly advisable in order to combat depression and anxious feelings. A daily yoga session comprising 30 minutes of meditation and at least 25 minutes of yogasanas can help to boost the circulation of blood, which then shuns the feelings of lethargy and depression.

The treatment and therapy of yoga is not supposed to replace primary medical care, at hence yoga must be practices only under the care and guidance of a licensed counselor or physician. Their regulation of breathing patterns is critical to yoga. How an individual breathes is much more significant than the individual's ability to perform difficult postures or positions. The respiration of the individual must arise from the belly and chest and should be as deep as possible, unlike shallow breaths that most of us take. Breathing not only helps in maximizing oxygen but also helps to relax in each posture, while keeping the breathing pattern consistent throughout the posture. Breathing regulates the central nervous system which in turn helps to keep the mind stable and free of depressive thoughts. It is also important to practice concentration in addition to Pranayama. Meditation and concentration have to keep the individual emotionally balanced and focused.

Some important yogasanas such as the Lion Pose or the Simhasana are excellent methods for lightening the emotional loads and bringing about a positive facial expression. The lion pose is also well known for slackening the muscles of tight of stiff jaw. In addition to the lion pose, British pose also helps people to deal with feelings of tightness or anxiety in the chest. The fish pose is also useful in relieving a tensed neck and aching shoulders. The Child's pose on the other hand is a satisfying and peaceful yogasana. Being in this pose is not only unwinding, but also boosts a spirit of being safe and secure.

Submitted by C D on July 25, 2008 at 05:35

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