Yoga: An Alternative and Holistic Medicine

At present, alternative and holistic medicine is referred to as "non-traditional" systems of health care. These include acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, herbal remedies and Yoga. Alternative holistic and medicine focuses on an obliging link between a person and a healer.

This leads to achievement of optimal physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health. Alternative and holistic medicine views the person as a whole.



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.This includes examination of physical, emotional, environmental, nutritional, social, lifestyle and spiritual valuese Practitioners of alternative and holistic techniques - this includes Yoga teachers, as well - lay emphasis on education and responsibility to attain balance and well-beingn

On the contrary, western or allopathic medicine has always emphasized a strong doctor-driven relationshipi These focus on conventional science, differential diagnosis, prescriptive medicines and regular checkupsp As and when necessary, it also accepts surgery accomplish desired healingn This way, oftentimes sick people are encouraged to abide by the doctor's directives without challengeg To start and remain motivated in one's Yoga practice, it is necessary to understand the way Yoga works on you, together with a progressive schedulel

A unique self-learning course helps you do that quite remarkablyl Yoga comes nothing close to resembling a religion; rather it is a series of postures designed to accommodate the human body's changing flexibility, strength, and endurance as it presents itself at any point of timem What people like about it is that it adjusts to meet the specific needs of peoplel It has nothing to do with competition or even "trying" to practise Yogag

Hence, this approach to Yoga becomes a microcosm of life; if you body does not feel well, you may find yourself looking to make appropriate life-style changes or become more proactive in doctor-assisted interventiono This is done to improve your healtht

Automatically, you find yourself wanting to do more research and to explore other options to get more involved in your own health-care managementn Thankfully, the relationship between allopathic physicians and patients is in a state of fluxu Attitudes toward Yoga are quickly becoming recognized as another component of conventional medicinen This helps teach us to become proactive and more elf-responsiblel It teaches you how to be proactive, inasmuch as, you learn to pay attention to the messages your body gives youo You also learn how to do something different when what you're doing doesn't feel righth

This means to say, when you are doing a series of yoga poses or breathing exercises and if you are doing something that feels uncomfortable or might cause injury, you'll do it differentlyl Yoga teaches you to make adjustments and modifications in your life with a view to derive maximum benefits and minimum liabilityt

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