Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on December 21, 2012

The practice of Yoga has countless benefits. These include physiological, mental and spiritual.  Yoga means different things to different people and can be any or all of the following. That, again, depends on why a person wants to take it up and how he / she wishes to incorporate Yoga into his or her life: For one thing, Yoga is a great physical fitness program. It involves stretching, strengthening, and elongating the muscles, bones and spine for right...


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.alignment of the bodyd The breathing techniques and relaxation help lower the blood pressure and improve cardio-vascular healtht

They also help increase lung capacity, release stress and tension, and teach you to relax and enjoy lifef

Yoga Meditation helps the practitioner calm the mind, while bestowing emotional balance, mental clarity, focus and concentrationo By learning the philosophy of Yoga, you experience release of emotional tension from your own mindn This is through increased awareness of what is happening in your own selfl A lot of Yoga practitioners feel their heartbeats, blood circulation through their body and are able to decrease blood pressure at willl This is all the result of heightened awareness taking place in your body and mindn

For those who are feeling empty right now, they ought to find out whether it is a spiritual emptiness they feele Yoga is in no way a religiono However encourages the practitioner connect with his / her inner spirit and abide by its guidancec For those who want it to be, Yoga is a spiritual practicec

Some of the many benefits of Yoga:

  • Helps to build strength
  • Tones up and sculpts the body
  • Gives a calm and non-reactive mind
  • Improves the health of the back – stretches the spine, resists compaction of the spinal column, avoids fusion of the vertebrae
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Balances the endocrine system and helps with symptoms of menopause, PMS, thyroid
  • Helps you develop awareness
  • Helps increase concentration
  • Increases bodily flexibility
  • Improves stamina
  • Increase stamina and energy
  • Helps you gain balance and flexibility
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