Yoga Practice Rugs

Yoga practice rugs are customarily used for Hatha yoga. They are largely recommended by Yoga instructors and teachers all over the world today.

Yoga practice rugs are also great for any dynamic or perspiration-producing yoga workouts such as Hot Yoga.

These beautiful and tightly woven cotton Yoga practice rugs have been used for centuries for Yoga practices.


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They and are regarded to be the best mats ever used for Yoga practice in India. Normally, Yoga practice rugs are made from cotton and are among the most eco-friendly products in the market as they are totally biodegradable and free from synthetics.

Yoga practice rugs rest beautifully over any Yoga Mat. Likewise over almost all floor surfaces. In the bargain, they add extra cushion for sitting poses and more traction and firmness and solidity for standing poses. This is because they absorb sweat that would otherwise make the mat wet and slimy. We suggest you use a sticky mat under the Yoga rug. This will keep it from moving on the floor.

Yoga practice rugs give you grip when and where sweating is needed. The Yoga practice rugs grasp increases as it becomes wetter.

The opposite is the case in a yoga mat. The Yoga practice rugs also help keep you aligned. It is often used with a standard mat. This is to keep the rug in place. We recommend you use a standard mat or deluxe Yoga practice rug. Manufacturers have improved designs to suit customer needs so the Yoga practice rugs are now integrally woven. The best part is that these Yoga practice rugs make all the difference to your Yoga practices. You will find yourself not just enjoying your practices more, you will also be able to do the asanas better. The result is a vicious circle – the more you enjoy the better you are able to do and the better you are able to perform, the more you enjoy your Yoga practices.

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