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Take a trip to the store for yet another check out of Zen Yoga mats. This time, you'll find them made of organic cotton, cost around $50, and are from a highly reliable company. Toxin and pesticide-free, to start with, they are also "fairly-traded." In fact, the makers put that in quotes on their actual web site.

So don't feel the least bit skeptical. They actually provide links to their definition of fairly traded here.


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Benefits Of Yoga Mat

If you are also skeptical that these cotton rug don't slide around under you while doing various poses, take it easy. Anyone out there use a Zen Yoga mat such as this can tell you that the rug works best when it is damp. If you are beginning your practice dry, you will not get the best results till your rug is a little damp from perspiration. Our suggestion, like they do all over India, is to spray a little water on your Zen Yoga mat. Do this at the head and feet position ahead your practices. Just a little of water will suffice. On the other hand, you may begin practising on a sticky Zen Yoga mat.

Then, when you begin to perspire and slip on your sticky mat, you can roll out your practice Zen Yoga mat and the slipping will cease with the moisture from sweat from your body.

Manufacturers nowadays point to a new choice of Zen Yoga mats. As a matter of fact, it had occurred to a lot of people that the Zen Yoga mat they used for Pilates seemed rather, shall we say, shiny and synthetic. And so it is with a Zen Yoga mat. These Zen Yoga mats are natural; they are also biodegradable. This calls to mind images for you of practising Zen Yoga in the woods and then just leaving your mat there to get absorbed by the jungle around it. But then, the Zen Yoga mat is also somewhat strange.

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