Zen Yoga Poses For Health

Zen Yoga is incredibly different both in attitude and experience from conventional Indian Yoga. Just like practices such as Tai Chi, Zen Yoga is extremely gentle. It is helpful for people who, particularly wish to ward off disease and ill health.

If you learn about the principles Zen Yoga is based on, you will have an essential, primary guide on how to find the best Zen poses for every individual.

Zen Yoga poses form an integral part of an Oriental system.


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This merges the practice of Yoga poses with Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine. Yoga poses are classified according to the meridians they affect. A meridian resembles a blood vessel, inasmuch as it has an energetic structure. This corresponds with the human body, but is not part of it. Instead it is a channel for circulation of energy (not blood).

The alignment of these exercises with definite meridians what makes Zen Yoga a very potent healing technique. As a matter of fact, instructors of this Zen Yoga stress on its' ability to help treat basic causes of diseases.

Meridian exercises work by making the natural flow of energy possible to areas where you have obstructions and impediments.

You might feel those areas of stagnation as stiffness, aching, tension, pain, or just a discomfort. Zen Yoga poses open up the prime meridians. Subsequently, they chase away sick energy, and let healthy energy flow in.

A little background on meridians would help here. There are 12 meridians in the body. They are named after the many organs in the body. As a result, you have the following:

  1. Lung meridian
  2. Bladder meridian
  3. Gall bladder meridian
  4. Heart meridian
  5. Kidney meridian
  6. Liver meridian
  7. Small intestine meridian
  8. Spleen meridian
  9. Stomach meridian

Once you understand the importance of the energetic aspect in Oriental philosophy, you will understand how they Orientals look at symptoms of disease, illness, or any problems you feel in the body and treat it accordingly with Zen Yoga Poses.

Zen Poses For Better Health
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