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(June 30, 2010)

what is dahn yoga

Fundamentals Dahn Yoga: Dahn yoga is also known as Dahnhak or Dahn Hak which is a Korean system of yoga which was founded by Ilchi Lee in 1985. Dahn in Korean means vital, primal energy and Hak Stands for the study of a particular philosophy or theory. Dahn yoga is said to place an equal amount of emphasis on an individual’s emotional, physical and spiritual well being. According to most sources Dahn yoga is known to combine tai chi, yoga and martial arts exercises. Dahn yoga is also considered to be a holistic training and health program that allows individuals to manage their own bodies in a manner that lets them be a lot more happy, healthy and peaceful. DahnHak basically refers to the study of energy and its use for personal empowerment which in turn helps restore mind and body communication that is based on the brain. Dahn yoga concentrates on the brain, as it states that the brain controls and creates every aspect of the life of a human, such as feelings, experiences, health, physical movements and motivation. This form of yoga states that the quality of life can be improved by the better use of one’s brain. Dahn yoga has been the cause of many controversies as people claim that the strategies of Dahn yoga are derived from Lifton’s criteria of thought reform. Some people also consider the followers of Dahn yoga to be members of a cult.
Training methods of Dahn yoga: Recently, in 2006 Dahn yoga has further introduced two new training methods namely DahnMuDo which is also known as “The Art of Being Limitless” which is propagated as a form of non – combative martial art. The second new training method in Dahn yoga is “Jung Choong Breathing” which is a form of internal alchemy that uses five basic postures that tend to help on focus on proper body positioning and breathing. This training method is also known to release any stagnant energy from one’s body and instead accumulate fresh energy in the Dan Jeon or the energy center that is basically the lower abdomen. A typical class of Dahn yoga will usually begin with an exercise called the “Meridian Stretching “exercise that is considered to stimulate the body’s energy. Once these exercises have been completed, the students then follow a sequence of postures or asanas that are believed to circulate and accumulate energy throughout the body. Some classes of Dahn yoga also tend to include certain aspects of meditation.

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