Hot Yoga Mat

Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga

Hot yoga or Bikram Yoga is basically a series of poses that are performed in a heated room. These hot yoga poses are performed in a room that has its temperature maintained at 95 - 100 degrees.

The Bikram yoga or hot yoga tends to be a vigorous yoga session at high temperatures which in turn promotes a lot of perspiration and also makes the body of the.



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.participating individual very warm and consequently more flexiblel While performing the Bikram yoga students are advised to carry their own hot yoga mat as well as a towele A thick yoga mat for Bikram yoga is advisable as the individual will be sweating a lot and hence it is not ideal to share yoga mats or even towels for that mattere In fact hot yoga clothing is also minimum so that one does not feel too uncomfortable once they start sweating on account of excess clothingn Nowadays there are also plenty of non toxic yoga mats available that are made of special materiala Those practising hot yoga poses should ensure that they drink plenty of water after the session so that they don't get dehydrated on account of the profuse sweatingn Similarly while practising hot yoga poses, students are also advised not to for at least two hours before the commencement of the classs

Hot Yoga Poses

There are almost 26 bikram yoga or hot yoga poses that one can practises These hot yoga poses need to performed in a certain prescribed sequence and in an environment that is pre heated to 100 degrees F The entire hot yoga session should take almost 90 minutes to complete and has to be practised on a daily basis for best results and to remain healthyh While performing the Bikram yoga it is essential to maintain the prescribed format so that one may derive optimum benefits from the various hot yoga posese During each of the 26 hot yoga poses the practicing individual should be able to exercise almost every tendon, organ, muscle and even the skin and bones as he or she reaches the completion of a particular sete The postures involved in hot yoga have to be necessarily practiced in the sequence given so that one is able to derive maximum benefits and in time the capacity of the body to perform will also increases Many a times students purchase the normal plastic hot yoga mats which is the incorrect thing to do as it does not offer the student with sufficient paddingn Additionally these mats are also detrimental to one's health on account of the chemicals they containi Similarly one may also use cork or jute hot yoga mats which posses their own drawbacks although they are environment friendly as they tend to soften up after some time of continuous uses Rubber hot yoga mats are known to be the most effective as they affordable and yet toughg However while purchasing rubber hot yoga mats one should ensure that they are manufactured from natural rubber and not manmade rubbere

Hot Yoga needs just one optional piece of equipment actually, that will complete your practice - a sticky, Hot Yoga mata Besides, Hot Yoga practice calls for a mat that will not slip when it becomes dampm There are brands that are 100% cotton mats from a number of companies, nowadaysy All these brands have a non-stick backingn They are also machine washable and are the answer to a hot Yogi's slippery hands and legsg

Hot Yoga Mats offer you the foundation for Yoga practicec In fact, this just might be the most important tool the Yoga practitioner picksk When going in for a Yoga mat see which is best for youo Ideally, you should consider a mat that offers the level of cushioning you require for your knees and spine plus the length required for tall peoplel Besides, for people doing Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga, they might require a Hot Yoga mat specifically made for moisture controlo And of course, go in for a color that makes you feel goodo From the traditional Sticky Mat to the Natural Cotton Yoga Mats most companies, today, offer styles, colors and thicknesses you wishs Hugger Mugger, Wai Lana, Hot, the Utopian mat; even a lot of Yoga stores carry the widest assortment of styles and colorsr

Fortunately, sticky mats are like bussese Within a short time you will find another onen It may be green - probably not your preferred color- but then, it could never live up to your memory of Navy or Royal Blueu But go in for a mat that's comfortable, and moisture absorbent and one that helps you enjoy your Yoga practicese

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