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(June 30, 2010)

What kind of Yoga Mat I should Use?

Unlike Pilates, yoga does not require any equipment. There are many types of equipment that you can purchase for a yoga session. However, these are strictly optional. Still, a yoga mat can become a necessity when you perform yoga regularly. Since most of the yoga poses have to be performed on the floor or a hard surface, a yoga mat can provide you with just the right amount of cushioning. It is very important for you to practice yoga safely and a yoga mat can give you sufficient protection.
The next question that arises is what kind of yoga mat to choose. It is not very difficult to determine what kind of yoga mat you require. Before you choose your yoga mat, it is important to understand that the mat is an integral part of your daily exercise routine and therefore, you should give more attention to the functionality than the appearance of the mat. There are a variety of yoga mats which are available commercially. However, the kind of mat you choose greatly depends on the kind of yoga you intend to practice.
The ideal yoga mat will be able to provide adequate cover on the practice area for your entire body. Apart from that, the ideal mat will also give you the right kind of stability which will be required to practice the poses. Sticky mats are available commercially and you can simply buy one to give you enough stability for your movements to occur flawlessly.
Most yoga mats are made of thin materials so that they are easy to fold and carry to your yoga studio or gym. They are also very lightweight, which makes it easier to move them around. The sticky surface gives enough friction to prevent you from slipping. You can increase the stickiness of the mats by lightly sprinkling some water on them and allowing them to air dry. Sticky mats can be used for any form of yoga.
There is a new trend of using recyclable or environment friendly fabrics for making yoga mats. You can take your pick amongst the different types of fibers from which these mats are made. They are also available in different colors, designs, and textures. These attributes do not have much to do with the functionality of the yoga mat and therefore you can simply pick something which appeals to you. Extra thick mats can be used for colder climates or extra hard surfaces. To hold your yoga mat and other accessories, you can also buy a yoga bag.

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