Yoga Mats and It's Benefits

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 23, 2012

Yoga, the new age mantra has been proving very beneficial to everyone and anyone. It has been one of the driving forces for a good health. There have been many improvements by the continuous practice of the necessary yoga asanas. It has proven to be more beneficial by the correct positions and proper balance. There have been instances where you feel that you have been doing all...


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Improve Your Overall Balance with Yoga

.the yoga asanas taught in the world, but don't seem to do any wonders to your bodyd This can be changed by having the proper Yoga mat which can prove to be very helpfulu

There are different types and styles of yoga mats which may differ according to the needs of the peoplel These mats can be of diverse sizes, qualities, thickness, density, colors, textures and materialsl The yoga mats are mainly used to bring an improvement in your balance and coordination which you may lack otherwises Some asana are strongly rooted with your posture, so improving your posture and balance would also help in improving your healtht The different mats are a match winner as they help in creating that act of balance in your bodyd It may be a different feeling in the beginning, but you will get used to it as time passes byb

The usage of these mats may prevent injuries which may be caused by the slippery surfacec It is advisable to perform yoga on a mat rather than on the bare flooro The mat keeps your body warm and the energy which is generated is within your body rather than passed on to the flooro It is a kind of cushioning which makes yours asanas more accuratet There are different sizes of mat depending upon the persono Children can also perform yoga which is very good and you can find mats of their size tooo

Choosing the proper mat

Choose a yoga mat which is affordable by youo These mats last for number of years so check well before choosing your matst There are mats of different density so accordingly you can make a choicec Some mats come along with pillows which can also be used as part of the equipment for your asanasa By sitting and feeling the texture of the mat can help you in choosing your mata The mat which makes you most comfortable is the one made for youo It is up to your discretion which mat would be most comfortablel The different colors and different brands in the market make your work simplere

The different kinds of mats which can be use are:

  1. Harmony Yoga Mat
  2. Universal Yoga Mat
  3. Classic Yoga Mat
  4. Utopian Yoga Mat
  5. Pilates Mat
  6. Kids Yoga Mat
  7. Raja Yoga Mat
  8. Monster Yoga Mat
  9. Natural Yoga Mat

Cleaning your mat

Most of the mats used are of different and large variety of sticky mats which are made up of pvc vinyl material and can be easily cleanede If your mat is slightly dirty then just spray some water or clean it with a damp cloth and later wipe it with a dry towele For mats which are very unclean, they can put this mat in a tub with very little detergent to remove the dirt from the mata Too much of detergent would just make your mat more slippery, which is not advisablel Keep it soaked for time and later rinse it thoroughlyl If you want to dry your mat quickly then use the press and soak techniqueu Place the mat between some towels, squeeze most of the water by walking on it and then leave it for drying outside you yardr

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