Eco Friendly Mats For Yoga

An eco friendly mat is one of the most popular types of yoga mats, particularly with the growing levels of environmental consciousness. A yoga mat is an essential accessory for any yoga practitioner as it helps perfect your practice.

Yoga mats come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, textures and types, and are also made from a variety of materials. There are mats made from plastic and others made from cotton or mats made from PVC and some made from jute.



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.The mat you choose is also important because its something you will be using almost every single day, and a mat that you are not comfortable with, will make your yoga sessions un-enjoyablel

Traditionally yoga mats were made using fabrics like jute or cotton, which meant that they were completely naturala Eco friendly mats are made from materials that are bio degradable and therefore do not contaminate or pollute the environmentn Most modern yoga mats are also quite eco friendly, so before we inform you about the eco friendly choices, we should warn you about the type you need to avoidi

Plastic Mats

These are the cheapest and also the worst type of mat you can uses While cheap is not always bad it certainly holds true in the case of yoga matst Plastic yoga mats are not just bad for the environment because of the environmental damage done through the method of production, but also for the practitionere They are really thin and don't offer much protection or cushioningn They also emanate chemical odors, particularly when exposed to enough sunlight or heata The chemicals released are extremely harmful when inhalede

Some of the best types that you should consider if you want an eco friendly yoga mat include:

Rubber Mats

This is the best type of inexpensive, but environmentally friendly mata A rubber yoga mat is sturdy and durable, moreover made from renewable resourcese Make sure however, that you purchase a natural rubber yoga mat as there are also synthetic varietiese If you have a latex allergy, a natural rubber mat could be problematici But if you can spend a bit more there are latex and phthalate free matst

Cotton Mats

A cotton yoga mat is another inexpensive and environmentally friendly optiono These mats are particularly useful for those into yoga styles like 'Bikram Yoga', where there is a lot of body heat generated, causing perspirationo Their ability to absorb prevents you from slipping or slidingn

These are just a few varieties, but there are plenty of others like cork and jute matst The choice you make should be influenced by both practicality and personal preferencese

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