Yoga Mat Types

Chose yoga mats according to your need

If you choose to take up yoga, you don't just need to get familiar with the asanas (poses) and pranayams (breath exercises), but also with the various accessories, the most important of these being yoga mats.

Choosing the best yoga mat for you is in fact a lot more important than most of us give credit for.



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.This is off course no simple task, with the wide variety of mats, and the vociferous marketing, most of us are left very confused and end up making the wrong choicese Choosing between a travel yoga mat, or a long yoga mat, or a plastic mat can become a lot tougher than it seemsm

It may be true that the practice of yoga requires no accessories, but a yoga mat will go a long way to helping you perfect your practicec As with any other purchases you make there are certain questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Is it suitable and supportive for the wide range of postures that you will be learningn
  • Is the mat large enough so that you are not sprawled half on the floor in some posese
  • Does it make your practice a lot more comfortablel
  • Is the grip on the mat good enough to prevent my hands or feet from slippingn
  • Will the mat just stick to the floor and not to my feet as welll
  • Will the grip be affected by sweata
  • Is it easy to carryr

  • Can it be washed frequently and is it durablel
  • Can dust and lint be shaken off easilyl

To help you make such choices here are the descriptions of two popular types to help gauge the suitability of some types of matst

Sticky Mats

A yoga sticky mat offers increased stability whilst performing posese Sticky yoga mats can be used for different types of yoga, but they needs to be sprinkled with some water and air dry to prevent them from slippingn

Travel Mats

A travel yoga mat is ideal for someone who obviously travels quite often, but doesn't want to slip up on his or her practice, or even for those who may need to travel some distance to get to their yoga classese For ease of transportation these mats are however very thin, so they offer no cushioning and need to be used on carpeted flooring or over a blanket or towele

If you are environmentally conscious and would like an eco friendly mat, there are again many that you can choose fromo In the end your choice also depends on personal preferences, so consider the various important features and then follow your instinctc

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