Myasthenia and yoga

(September 16, 2010)

Dear Sir,My name is Jayakumar.I am a myasthenia patient, I had been ill since 7 years.I feel better as a normal person [morning or evening] So I would like to practice yoga. Shall I get cure in yoga. How can I practice? Please help

The practice of yoga for myasthenia gravis, which causes weakness in the muscles of the body and is an impairing autoimmune disease, can be very helpful. Practicing the different types of yoga for myasthenia gravis like Pranayama (Breath control) is very effective in the treatment. Other forms of yoga for myasthenia gravis are Kundalini Yoga and Iyengar yoga which are very useful alternative therapy methods. These forms of yoga also help in dealing with various other neuromuscular disorders. Abnormalities in breathing are usually the cause in most disorders which is why yoga can be very helpful. Yoga for myasthenia gravis also includes the practice of meditation which is very beneficial. However, you should not substitute yoga for medication if it is prescribed by a doctor.
Yoga for multiple sclerosis helps in treating three symptoms that affect the patient. Intolerance of heat and exhaustion, numbness of the limbs and loss of coordination, and also loss of balance and flexibility are the symptoms that the practice of yoga can alleviate. Yoga for multiple sclerosis include postures like Tadasana (Mountain pose), Trikonasana (Triangle pose), Virabhadrasana I (Warrior pose I), and Virabhadrasana II (Warrior pose II).
Yoga for muscular dystrophy makes use of smooth and easy movements along with deep breathing exercises to reduce pain and tone the muscles. Weakness of the muscles can cause you to become exhausted. Practicing regular exercises is not possible as it will drain you and increase the pain. Therefore, yoga for muscular dystrophy can be very effective as it does not require much exertion. The fluid, easy movements will energize you and help in toning the muscles. The deep breathing exercises will enable more oxygen to be taken into the body. This will improve the blood circulation and strengthen the muscles.
Practice of yoga for Graves’ disease helps to bring the pineal, thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands to normal functioning by stimulating it. Yoga helps to sooth the nervous system and also the toning and strengthening of the muscles. The proper functioning of the thyroid gland is primarily responsible for your correct weight and metabolic rate. Practicing yoga helps in the stimulation of the thyroid gland making it work most efficiently.
Yoga should be practiced on a regular basis for it to be most effective. Practice of yoga can be a very effective natural method in the treatment of different disorders. However, you must always consult a doctor regarding any disorders and not rely on yoga as the only treatment.

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Yoga Poses to Cure Myasthenia  

Terrible weakness of the body muscles caused by myasthenia gravis which is a highly impairing autoimmune condition can be greatly eased with the help of yoga. Pranayama is highly recommended for the treatment of myasthenia gravis. Any qualified Yoga instructor will advocate and teach different forms of meditation and relaxation that is highly critical in treating the condition.

Mild physical training can also be of benefit for patients with myasthenia gravis as physical and bodily movement in simple exercises can develop some form of improvement in the overall muscle strength in the patient.  A gradual advance to moderate exercise and advanced yoga may also improve and enhance the immunity of the patient. However, meditation alone holds the key in treating myasthenia gravis.  Any Yoga instructor who understands the condition will see to it that you develop the right form of meditation and relaxation with the help of the various asanas.

In addition to exercise and meditation, you will also need to alter your lifestyle and eating habits in order to treat the condition.  Asparagus is an excellent food and should be a part of your daily diet as some herbalists are of the belief that it contains some components resembling steroids to control myasthenia gravis.  Also have plenty of sprouts and whole meal bread and yoghurt along with a diet of high fiber foods, fresh fruits and vegetables.  Foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are also important nutrients for the treatment of myasthenia gravis. At best, switching over to organic food may greatly helped individual, albeit slowly yet surely.

With the help of restoration breathing techniques, yoga can also improve your breathing capacity by expanding the walls of your chest. Iyengar Yoga and Kundalini forms of yoga are supposed to be the ideal methods of alternative therapy in treating the neuromuscular disorder. Most disorders are usually the result of breathing abnormalities which is why yoga for plays such an important emphasis on the correct breathing technique.  Breathing and meditation go hand-in-hand in the treatment of this neuromuscular condition, and you will notice a marked difference in the condition with the daily practice of yoga.

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