Start a New Holiday Tradition - Family Yoga Time

Submitted by Allan on February 26, 2013

The holidays can be a trying time for the entire family. With the sudden break in your regular daily routine, days can blend into each other in a mad flurry of activity. And then there are those gaps in between the crazy schedules where you are left with a houseful of kids who are bored and have nothing to do. So what can be done to maintain some sort of order and routine even when schools out? How about a regular exercise routine to start with?


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Holiday With Yoga

It's a well-documented fact that urban children live a largely sedentary life. They spend most of their day stuck behind a desk at school and another large part of the day lazing in front of the TV or the computer. Time for games and sports is rarely enforced and all this contributes towards a more slothful, obese generation of children.

As parents, it’s our duty to shake things up and remedy the situation and one of the best ways to do this is by example. Exercise with your children daily and you will soon reap the benefits of good health and a closer happier family, as well.

Yoga is considered an ideal form of exercise for adults and children alike. Yoga can help counter the pressures of growing up in today’s fast paced environment, as well as teach children about health and mental fulfillment. Yoga also encourages body awareness and has been proven to help improve self-esteem. Since it’s a largely non-competitive activity, yoga fosters co-operation and acceptance – invaluable gifts to give any child. You can introduce a yoga routine first thing in the morning, mid-day when your kids are at loose ends or just before bedtime as an ideal wrap up to the day. There are different advantages to practicing yoga at different times of the day.

Yoga in the Morning

Start the day off right with a gentle and invigorating yoga routine for your family. You can even incorporate yoga asanas such as “The Tree Pose” or “The Eagle Pose” into your kid’s morning routine while brushing his teeth or washing his face. Balance poses while brushing can add a fun touch to their routines, improve their concentration and develop strength in their lower bodies.

Yoga during Breakfast

Once your children’s morning routine is done, you could even try a spot of meditation after breakfast. Ask your kids to plan the day in advance in their mind, with their eyes closed. This helps calm the mind and relax the body. It also serves to improve their thinking power as they chalk out their day ahead. Teaching your child to sit quietly and concentrate on a particular though is also an excellent way to stimulate their imagination and opens up the lines of communication between the family members.

Evening Yoga

Change your normal winding down routine during the holidays. Avoid watching TV and instead practice a relaxing yoga routine together as a family. You could ask your children to try some simple yoga poses that help relax the body and mind and encourage a deep restful sleep. Deep breathing exercises and easy chants are another way to prepare your kids for their bedtime.

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