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Submitted by Bonnie Sedan on January 21, 2013

If you are a yoga buff and are planning a yoga themed vacation, you have two choices. One is, you can go on a fabulous ‘yoga’ vacation (yes there are things like that) or you can take your yoga practice with you wherever you go, all you need is your knowledge of yoga and a yoga mat.



A vacation is meant to escape from the mundane life and the stress factors that come along with it, which is why a yoga vacation can be just what the doctor ordered. A recent study showed that yoga is one of the top 10 complimentary health practices used among U.S.

adults. There are many ways to make your vacation yoga-centric.

A yoga tour holiday is one of them; it is just like a normal group tour but infused with all things yoga. These vacations are designed and custom-made for yoga enthusiasts. It not only offers practicing yoga with certified yoga instructors but also provisions to let you soak in the culture and the famous sights of the places you will visit, with the aim to make the trip spiritually, emotionally and physically enriching by improving the overall quality of life Yoga studios usually organize such retreats or would have viable information about yoga retreats, so it would help to make some inquiries at your local yoga classes. Different packages offer different levels of yoga involvement in your vacation. An ashram, for example would be completely yoga based with spiritual teachings and disciplines as compared to a yoga resort or retreat. Whichever option you choose, a yoga holiday can be a deeply spiritual experience. You may also end up meeting like minded people.

If going on a group tour doesn’t do it for you, there are always options of finding yoga classes in the holiday spot you choose or just opting for yoga retreats or resorts. These yoga specialty resorts offer vegetarian or vegan-only food, apart from spa or body detoxification benefits. This also means that you can stick to a schedule of your own preference or choose to participate in the resort’s recreational activities like music, dancing, hiking, swimming etc. A vacation for most is meant to be stress relieving and rejuvenating, not to mention just breaking loose. Yoga can help you do all of this. If there are no yoga classes around your holiday area, you can practice it in the comforts of your hotel room. To do this, you will need to pack some quick-drying yoga attire, a yoga travel mat and if possible a yoga audio download.

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