I would like to know frm which month of pregnancy one should start doing yoga?

(November 23, 2011)

Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga can prove to be very beneficial for a pregnant woman; however it is essential to take necessary precautions when performing yoga during pregnancy. You could begin practicing yoga from the very first month; however it is necessary to have a trained yoga professional to guide you through the poses as your pregnancy progresses.

Some other basic precautions you should take include

• Avoiding doing any of the yoga poses or asanas that require the woman to lie on her back, especially after she has completed her first trimester. This is mainly because some of these positions may reduce the flow of blood to the woman’s uterus.
• A pregnant woman should also try and avoid all those positions that require her to stretch her muscles excessively. This is particularly important for her abdominal muscles.
• Pregnant woman should try and avoid Bikram yoga which is also known as hot yoga. This is mainly because this form of yoga is practiced in a heated environment and can prove to be unsafe to a pregnant woman. Some generally believed to be safe poses for a pregnant woman include the Butterfly stretch, the Cat Cow pose and the Cobra pose.

Your trainer will be able to tell you when you would need to stop with certain poses so as to jelp you with a healthy pregnancy.

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Which Yoga Poses Are Safe During Pregnancy

There are various studies conducted that have established that yoga can provide a pregnant woman with a variety of benefits. However it is also advisable to inform one’s yoga instructor about the stage of one’s pregnancy and also make sure that the instructor is aware of any health complications the woman might be suffering from.

Some basic safe yoga poses during pregnancy include the Butterfly stretch. For this the pregnant woman needs to sit down and join her soles of her feet together. Next she should very gently try and bring the joined soles closer towards her body. Next move one’s hips up and down to resemble the movements of a butterfly. The Cat Cow position is also considered to be a safe stretch that a woman can do during her pregnancy. It helps to stretch the back muscles and also regulates breathing. The Cobra pose or the Bhujangasana can be done in the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy depending solely on her comfort levels with doing this pose. At no point should a pregnant woman do any stretches which put excessive pressure or strain on her muscles, especially around the abdomen. The side angle pose is also considered to be safe during pregnancy as is the Triangle pose.

Submitted by V A on November 22, 2011 at 11:52

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