How to Have an Anxiety-Free Pregnancy

Submitted by JoyLife Therapeutics on September 11, 2012

Being pregnant can be a stressful time for your body and your mind. Your body will change almost daily to accommodate the growing fetus inside it. Additionally, your mind will also add to this change by making you think about matters that will only increase your fears and make you anxious.


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At many times, this cannot be helped, but you can combat an excess of such thoughts and behaviors by trying to build strong and willful habits. Let’s look at some ways to make your pregnancy anxiety- and worry-free:

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout. Eat well and regularly while getting plenty of nutrients, especially fruits and vegetables.

    Add supplements to your diet in consultation with your doctor.
  • Try and get some exercise, especially to deal with the aches and pains that are bound to crop up. These aches and pains can be troublesome. You should also rest whenever you get the chance. Try massages whenever you get the opportunity. Meditation will also help you cope with aspects of your pregnancy that you are finding difficult to deal with.
  • Build your support group. The clinic and pre-natal classes you visit, along with your doctor and your friends, can all put you in touch with people who may have gone through the same thing. Glean information from that support group. If need be, even talk to a therapist.
  • A big cause for worry and anxiety tends to be imagining all the things that can go wrong with the baby and with you, during your pregnancy. Avoid incessant research, especially over the Internet. All this additional information will only add to your anxiety. Thinking too much about the baby and what could possibly go wrong won’t be detrimental to the baby but could cause you tremendous harm.
  • If you are a working mum who plans to work through her pregnancy, establish a work-life balance early on. Accept that you may not be able to do all that you could do before you got pregnant and that this does not reflect badly on you at all. It’s just another change, like your body changing.
  • When your body changes, you are also bound to get anxious about the changes. Getting anxious will not help matters and your body will eventually go back to normal once the baby is born. Enjoy your pregnancy.
  • You are also likely to worry about labor, the pain associated with it and how you will be as a parent. These are all common worries and not stressing on them too much will make your pregnancy easier.
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