Weight Loss Yoga For Post Pregnancy

(February 6, 2009)

I got delivery before 1 and half month. Due to that my body weight has increased also my stomach increased kindly tell me the yoga for stomach and how to reduce my thy.

This is an extremely common problem for women that most women experience after delivery. Increase in body is one aspect of the problem and sagging skin or loose skin is another. Yoga is excellent and is in fact the best choice you could make as it promote a gradual and even weight loss, and will simultaneously tone your muscles and skin. Resorting to fad diets and other weight loss plans is not a good idea as any method that causes a dramatic and sudden weight loss will cause severe sagging and loose skin. It would also most likely result in a drastic increase in weight soon after you get off the diet. Practicing yoga will improve your health as a whole – for your entire body and the mind as well. Yoga promotes gradual but steady weight loss. Apart from this yoga practices will also help to restore the uterus and strengthen and tone the muscles of the abdomen and pelvic region. They can also help relieve and soothe upper back stress and breast discomfort, common post pregnancy.

As you mentioned, most women like you do tend to gain weight on the thighs and waist. So, we shall focus on yoga practices and asanas or poses that will best address this concern. Since you have experienced weight gain on the thighs in particular you may want to consider yoga booty ballet. This however is not a conventional yoga discipline and borrows techniques from it, that it combines with ballet. But the focus is on the thighs and buttocks. Other more authentic forms of yoga that you should consider are Bikram Yoga, Power Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga.

Yoga asanas or poses are also particularly effective as they stretch, strengthen and tone the various muscle groups. It is important that caution is exercised however, when choosing the asanas as excessive twisting or stretching can cause damage. In addition you may also find it necessary top modify certain poses. For this reason it would be best that you seek the services and guidance of a skilled trainer. Some of the asanas that are generally included in post delivery weight loss programs include the Boat Pose or Nauka asana, the Camel Pose or Ushtra Asana, and the Cobra Pose or Bhujangasan. While performing some poses you may also need to use props and your trainer will be able to advice you better.

Make sure that you desist from all yoga activities if you experience any pain while performing them.

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