Prenatal Yoga and Pilates

Normally, when people think of yoga, what comes to minds is a picture of a black-clad person seated or lying twisted, knotted up. Yoga, however, goes far beyond such a conventionally, cooked up picture.

For centuries, Yoga has been used to help alleviate pain, relive stress and even heal ailments. Besides, Yoga is an excellent means of keeping fit and flexible, for relieving stress and preparing for birth.


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Yoga and Pregnancy

As a matter of fact, Yoga is considered the only option for pregnancy related problems, in several countries, particularly in the East.

The stretching and expansion poses and exercises Yoga teaches, cultivates the muscles for birth, inherently making childbirth easier. As a matter of fact, ruling out not lying directly on her back or stomach after the fourth month, and passing up what doesn't feel right to her, there is hardly anything Yoga that would be a problem for a woman in pregnancy. Yoga prepares a pregnant woman’s muscles to do their job optimally in labor. Further, Yoga inculcates a number of relaxation skills that you are able to take to the delivery table after just a few months of practice.

Yoga also helps ease the aches, pains and uneasiness s resulting from pregnancy.

Tin fact, there are specific Yoga asanas for sciatic pain, round ligament pain, and even to alleviate morning sickness. A lot of ladies start Yoga as a life long activity during pregnancy. They find going back to Yoga is far simpler postnatal than many other fitness programs.

Women report that they love going to Yoga classes as the end up with a lot more energy and their aches and pains are normally a lot less after Yoga classes during pregnancy. Then again, like any exercise program it is always advisable to consult an experienced, trained Yoga practitioner before starting.

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