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(September 7, 2010)

I am four weeks along and went to Yoga for one hour after class I told the instructor I was pregnant she advised me not to come back until after 3 months along due to risk of miscarriage is this true I am really freaked out

In most cases, the first three month of pregnancy are extremely crucial as these are the months that bring about some major changes in the body of the woman and are also the  months in which the baby starts developing rapidly. Prenatal yoga in the first trimester helps one develop an attitude to listen to ones body and the changes it’s going through. Prenatal yoga in the first trimester accordingly takes into account these changes and the practices are meant to prepare a woman for her various concerns. Those women who suffer from morning sickness during the first trimester should allow themselves to miss a few classes of yoga or even take a less vigorous class if they aren’t feeling too well. Most doctors will always recommend that prenatal exercise in the first trimester of pregnancy should be light and should only be followed to ensure the mother’s prenatal fitness in the first trimester to be maintained so that they are fit and supple and do not gain excessive weight. The practice of prenatal yoga in the first trimester, like almost any exercise, also releases the endorphins which are hormones that create a feeling of well being in the mother. Many women are also advised to sign up for prenatal yoga classes at the yoga studio closest to them so as to take up low impact forms of exercise. Prenatal yoga during the first trimester is best taken up as early as possible as it prepares your body for the changes it will experience as the pregnancy progresses, and it is also harder to adjust to a fitness routine later in the pregnancy.  Many prenatal yoga poses in the first trimester are modified in such a way that they can accommodate a big belly and also to ensure that they do not result in any compression of the uterus. In fact since the first trimester is a very critical time of the pregnancy wherein most of the vital organs and the nervous system of the baby are starting to develop, most doctors will recommend that the pregnant women be put on prenatal vitamins in the first trimester itself if not earlier. Some doctors may also recommend that the pregnant woman may b administered some prenatal massage in the first trimester so as to physically stimulate the sore muscles that may be going through various changes on account of the added pressure of the pregnancy. Light yoga is generally safe in the first trimester as he uterus is fairly small is protected by the pelvis so there is no fear of compression of the uterus. However if the pregnant woman feels any sort of discomfort while practicing the yoga they should immediately stop and rest.

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You are in your first trimester and miscarriages during this time are usually associated with chromosomal abnormalities. A small percentage of miscarriages occur due to poor egg or sperm quality. However, miscarriages are not known to occur typically due to exercise so early in the first trimester; you are only 4 weeks into your pregnancy.

Although this possibility cannot be ruled out, it depends on the type of exercise you were engaged in, the intensity, and the frequency. If you have been doing exercises that involve abdominal strengthening, hard twisting, contracting the abdominal muscles, and such, it could pose a potential problem. Even if your classes focused on breathing, where the breath is retained for a long time or breathing is abstained from for short periods, or the breath of fire (a type of Yogic breathing) is performed, it is better to stop as they can risk the growing embryo from receiving adequate oxygen.


Prenatal Yoga For First Trimester 

Your instructor is correct in the sense that you should stop attending. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t do yoga during this time. In fact yoga has known to help carriage and delivery of a healthy baby through normal delivery. Many prenatal Yoga classes specifically geared towards pregnant women are conducted all over the world.

However, if the yoga exercises that you have been performing are gentle then miscarriage so early on in pregnancy due to them is most unlikely. It seems from your question that you have been to your yoga class only once. In that case it doesn’t seem like you should worry about miscarrying. However this is a crucial period and an important aspect of your life and it is best to get medical advice to confirm this.

It is recommended that you switch a prenatal yoga course, which is suited for pregnant women. These classes are designed so that pregnant women can combat problems such as back pain, stress, and other problems, typically associated with pregnancy and have an easier delivery. In this way you won’t have to quit doing yoga and worry about having a miscarriage. Ask your instructor if he or she knows of any prenatal yoga classes that are held in your neighborhood, or look for more information in local newspapers or online.

After your first trimester, avoid exercises that involve lying on your stomach, forward bends, and the breathing exercises that are mentioned above. Focus on gentle exercises, and slow breathing. Pregnancy is a marvelous experience so enjoy it to the fullest and stay safe.

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