Is Iyengar Yoga Bad After Not Having Done For Several Months?

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 9, 2012

Every day there are new yoga classes opening in some part of the world. People are becoming increasingly interested in practicing yoga and because of that they are more aware of the different kinds and types of yoga. Of course, in addition to the waves of people signing up for a yoga class, there are an equal...


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.number of people who do not continue their classes because of many reasons-some of them have not found what they were looking for, some do not feel that yoga is suitable for them, and others are just too busy to continue practicing yogag

After spending a few months away from yoga some people discover that they are missing something by not practicing yogag

So, they simply decide that they should go back and most of them pick the ball from where they've dropped it and resume practicing yogag But, is this the right movev The first thing that you must understand is that yoga is a way of lifef It is not a software course where you can take the first lesson then come back after a year to continue your last onen Even under such a situation, you would need to at least to revise the first lesson againi

In the case of yoga, everything goes graduallyl So, if you stopped at a certain stage, then you need to go back a step or two to see if you still have the flexibility and strength to continueu If you don't, you may have to start from the beginningn This is especially true with the more strenuous types of yoga such as Bikram yogag Bikram yoga is practiced in a hot room with a temperature exceeding 100 °F; So you need to get back and get used to it before you start practicing it againi

In case of Iyengar yoga, the situation is a little bit different as this particular type of yoga depends on using several kinds of props and aids to perform the posese So, it is easier to get back to practicing Iyengar yoga more than any other type of yoga because with the aid of bands, straps, and sand bags you will be able to perform several beginners' positions and take it from therer

If you were one of those who started their Iyengar yoga class and stopped after a while, then this is your chance to get back again and start practicing iti

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