Deep Relaxation Technique for Pregnant Women

A number of Yogic relaxation techniques can be used to minimize emotional stress but the Deep relaxation technique for pregnant women is one of the most popular. Yoga therapy has a number of ways and means of helping the mother-to-be relax and to create a harmonious environment for the coming child.

Lie down in Shavasana and follow the instructions given below.


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At first it may you may find it easier to have the instructions recorded on a CD and played back. However, you can also read them carefully wait for a while after each instruction and then you will be able to practice. If you memorize the instructions, you will know how to practice without external aids and. As a result, your relaxation will be natural.

  1. Starting with your toes shut your eyes and relax the entire body part by part.
  2. Next tell your toes, soles of your feet, ankles and your whole feet to relax.
  3. Then tell your calf muscles, knees, thighs, buttocks to relax.
  4. Next tell your legs from toes to buttocks to relax.
  5. Now make your abdomen and thorax to relax.
  6. Then tell the muscles of the hands, arms, waist, back, and shoulders to relax.
  7. Get your spine, vertebra by vertebra to relax.
  8. Now make your chest to relax.
  9. Then tell your throat and then face to relax.

    Beginning with the chin, move to the lower jaw, cheeks and cheek bones and lips to relax.
  10. Now make your nose, space between your eyebrows, eyes, forehead, ears, scalp, back of your head relax.
  11. Next tell your entire body to relax totally and completely.
  12. Take a deep breath and chant 'OM'. Feel its vibrations starting from the head to the toes.
  13. Imagine you are standing on the shore of a vast ocean. Wade into it, go deeper and deeper into that ocean of silence.

When coming out, first twitch your toes and fingers, then your facial features. Then gently turn gently your arms and legs in and out once or twice. All this is done to bring the life back in your body and to avoid sudden jerks. Slowly turn over on your left side and push yourself up into a sitting position then blink your eyes open. See the world with new eyes.

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