Eye Exercises

We are habituated to staring or gazing at our work when we are concentrating. This is tiring for the eyes.

So take care of them by closing your eyes for a few moments whenever possible, to rest them and keep your gaze gentle don’t stare. The eyes are muscles too and during the course of the working day they also become tense, tired and strained.


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Here are two simple eye exercises, which will relax, strengthen and revitalize your eyes.

Watching the clock

  1. Close your eyes and imagine that you are gazing at the face of a huge clock with numbers and hands. Imagine that the entire wall is the face of the clock and open your eyes.
  2. Look up at 12 o’clock
  3. Look down at 6 o’clock
  4. Look at 3 o’clock
  5. look at 9 o’clock
  6. Look at 1 o’clock
  7. Look at 7 o’clock
  8. Look at 2 o’clock
  9. Look at 8 o’clock
  10. Look at 11 o’clock
  11. Look at 5 o’clock
  12. Look at 10 o’clock
  13. Look at 4 o’clock
  14. Repeat each one of these several times before proceeding to the next one.
  15. Finally, Move your eyes slowly in big, round, smooth circles. Start with 12 o’clock and proceed further, right round the clock face. In every direction you need to repeat this.


  1. When your eyes start feeling strained and tensed after doing a lot of close work, then give them this treatment, which takes hardly a minute.
  2. Rub the palms of your hands energetically and fast.
  3. Place the palms over your eyes when they are tingling and warm and sit quietly for a few minutes.
  4. Don’t press your eyes hold them gently with your palm. Your eyes will have soothe, relaxed and refreshed feeling by the warmth and energy transmitted from your hands. This is your own healing energy.
  5. Surrender each out breath with a long gentle sigh while breathing softly.
  6. Allow your eyes to be completely passive and let them experience whatever they are treated with.
  7. Behind your hands, open your eyes and see softly in the darkness.
  8. Finally you can slide your fingertips softly, starting from your forehead, your eyelids, nose, cheeks, lips and your chin.


Most of us waste our energy by trying to do and think of doing more then one thing at a time. This is very draining and very trying. I would suggest you to do only one thing at a time with full concentration.

Towards perfection this is a great suggestion. In most jobs, workload is heavy and the result is that you try to cope with everything and end up doing many things at a time, beyond your capacity. At such difficult times, take a break from everything for a few moments.

  • The sitting exercises end with an exercise on sitting besides breathing.
  • Be seated in the basic sitting position and rest your hands in your lap; lightly folded, clasped or your palms can rest on your thighs. Concentrate on your breath pattern and watch each in breath and out breath.
  • Blink once or twice and then gently close your eyes when you feel like doing it naturally.
  • Now keep an eye on your breath. Observe its temperature and texture. When air enters and leaves your nostrils observe it.
  • Just observe your breathe in its natural form, Do not do anything to change it. Neither try to control or regulate it.
  • Let your out breath take its own time to leave your body. There should be a little gap between each out breath and the next in breath that follows. In that little time be still.
  • For a few minutes continue to breathe in the same manner. Then gradually go on increasing the depth of your breath. Slowly open your eyes by gently stretching your fingers and hands.
  • You are concentrating on energy, when focusing your awareness on your breath. This exercise clears and calms your mind and aids you to decide on what to do next with your full attention involved.
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