Sitting Exercises for Relaxation

If you want to start your day with a good feeling or to revitalize and renew your evening, consider going on long walks, practicing yoga, cycling, swimming or jogging. These are some simple relaxation exercise that should be done on daily routine basis. People spare some special time for this activity everyday.

But at office you don’t have time for this. As a result you are strained and tension goes on mounting.


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But you can prevent this by introducing some movement into your office life by practicing some sitting exercises.

At home, or in a yoga class, you practice simple movements and relaxation exercise to warm your muscles and loosen the joints which are followed by some stronger ones. This would include a series of balanced movements for your whole body and spine. This would definitely give you a relaxed feeling when you finish it.

At office, things will be a little different. You are required to pay attention about how you feel during the entire day. Spare a few minutes in every hour or so to exercise in the required manner. Self-development or progress will not happen instantly overnight. But you will be able to prevent tension from mounting and will be able to release it.

Don’t feel awkward, to carry out some exercises at office. Many of the sitting exercises and movements will go unnoticed. After becoming aware of the benefits in doing it, you will be bolder in carrying it out.

Your work environment and situations maybe different from each other. Some may have formal and unsympathetic environment and colleagues and others less formal and sympathetic. It is very beneficial though to have a friendly atmosphere as you have to know what exercise is to be done by you at any given moment, depending on how you are feeling. You have a variety of sitting exercises to select from.

When you want to exercise avoid thinking of work and get yourself absorbed in what you are doing. Your mind should be alert. If you want to feel fully refreshed and spare a minute or two like this. This will help you to stretch your body and rest your mind.

Yoga is not trying to “get anywhere” to “achieve something”. It is only about relaxing and undoing unnecessary tension. Never strain yourself, work gently. Don’t create additional tension of muscles by involving them in unnecessary movement.

When you carry out some relaxation exercise and there is pain and uneasiness in the neck and spine, then stop doing it. It means that the exercise is strong for you presently.

Do not tolerate unnecessary pain and assume that “if it hurts its good” for you. When we experience pain, it only means that what we are doing is not good for us. People working in the office will have more tense muscles and should remember this. As your body becomes more flexible and stronger you can carry out all the exercises. And you will realize that now you will able to do a lot of sitting exercises than earlier. Respect your body and always listen to what it has to say.

One cannot finish doing all the exercises within a day. There are loads of them. Firstly scan through the book and make yourself familiar with all the exercises. You should know which exercise you need at any given point of time. Which part of your body requires attention and care due to stress, strain. If your job requires you to sit in front of the computer all the time, then go in for some eye exercise. If you are drained out by a lot of typing or writing then, exercise with your fingers and hands. Practice the recommended exercises before your problems are exaggerated.

These exercises are not meant to be practiced at office only. If you enjoy, you can continue it at home also. Exercise mentioned in chapter 2, 3 and 4 can be practiced in standing as well as sitting position, except for the one where you are required to circle your ankle together. You can try this when you sit in a kneeling position, when the legs are straight in front of you or when you are in a cross leg position. You can lie down to carry out exercises for the finger, wrists, elbows, hips, knees, ankles and toes.

Breathing forms an important part of your relaxation exercise. They are to be followed for three valid reasons.

  1. If you want to be fully aware of what you are doing than pay a lot of attention to your breathing pattern. Because the more aware you are the more you will get out of the movements
  2. To encourage full and deep breath, co-ordinate your breath with your movements.
  3. Even a few minutes of relaxation exercise to breathe well, will make you feel better physically, quieter and calmer mentally. And finally your mind and body will experience harmony.
All these exercises can be carried out in daily clothing. But if your clothing is too tight then you need to wear loose ones.
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