Yoga for Eyes

(July 25, 2008)

My eyes are weak. Name some yoga exercises for me so that my eyes could be healthy?

There are a number of yogasanas that are useful in maintaining healthy eyesight and keeping them free of any kind of disorders. For all the known set of yogasanas it is important that you get an instructor to guide you as performing them in the wrong manner can lead to other problems. The yogasanas useful in improving eyesight are Surya Namaskar, Pranayama, Pawan Muktasana, jal neti amongst others. Specific exercises for the eyes include the use of a candle as an exercise, the pencil exercise, centrally fixing one's gaze on a particular chart in yoga. Yoga applies a substantial role in encouraging eye health. A yoga program complete with yogasanas, Pranayama and deep meditation techniques brings about peace and serenity to the entire body. Eye workouts in yoga tone up and fortify the eye muscles and thus help in healing many complaints of the eyes. Specific eye exercises are known to wholly correct eye issues. With the help of yogasanas, people commence in handling their eyes with care, which in turn manifests in healthy eyes.

It is imperative you know that the eyes use a third of oxygen as the heart. Hence in order to improve eyesight you must correct your breathing technique as superficial, poor breathing impairs the function of the eyes and contributes to poor vision. With the help of alternate breathing also known as nadi shodana and anulom viloma healthy eyes can be developed. This alternative method of breathing is achieved by blocking one side of the nostril and breathing in without speed and without apparent effort through the other nostril. Once this technique has been mastered, move on to the process of cleansing. The method of jal neti or nasal cleansing with saline tepid water is thought to benefit the eyes in a positive manner. According to the principles of yoga, a regular and daily performance of jal neti every morning will strengthen the function of the eyes and help people to get rid of spectacles.

Meditation is closely linked with vision and deep relaxation techniques in yoga are known to yield amazing results. It is important for you to look every possible aspect of your physical and metal body and quiet down the noises in your inner self in order to achieve tranquility. The use of mental imagery can be used to address specific issues of the body. These easy, yet highly efficient eye exercises are particularly encouraging to those with weak vision and have also shown to alleviate headaches and sleeplessness.

Submitted by C D on July 25, 2008 at 05:23

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