Relaxing Tension In Joint and Muscles Through Yoga

By Patricia | December 10, 2008
Yoga To Ease Muscle Tension

Yoga poses or exercises will not only help you to remain physically fit, increase balance and strength but will also help you attain self awareness and leave you fresh and rejuvenated. Yoga is an excellent way for relaxation as it can help to ease tension in your joints and muscles without experiencing overexertion and fatigue, if practiced as instructed. So before starting any yoga exercises it is very important to know your body limits and enjoy the activity without pushing yourself too hard. Always start with basic and simple warm up exercises to prepare you body for other yoga exercises.

  • Easy Pose And Eye Training - Sit in easy pose or Sukhasana. Sit on a yoga mat folding your legs at knees and placing the left foot under the right knee and the right foot under the left knee. Corpse your hands on your respective knees and breathe normally. To be healthy and strong, like any other muscles eye muscles also needs exercise. To perform eye exercises first look up, then down without moving your head. Look on the extreme right and then on the extreme left without moving your head. Now imagine as if you are viewing a large clock. Look up at 12 o’clock then circle around clockwise slowly, after 2 to 3 rounds you may increase the speed. Repeat the same act in anti-clockwise direction.
  • Bow Pose Or Dhanurasana - This pose will help to mobilize your entire spinal cord, expand your chest and can give a surprising change to your unusual body movement. This pose will also help to improve you posture and strengthen your back muscles. To perform this pose lie flat on your stomach with arms on your side and palms facing upwards.  Bend your legs at knees and bring your heels near your buttocks. With your arms reach back and grasp your ankles. Rest your weight on your stomach and not on your pelvis. Pull your ankles with your hands and raise your knees. For a relaxed mind and body increase the backward bend and the stretching in your chest. Continue to breathe normally and hold for 30 seconds. Relax while exhaling.

End your yoga activity with corpse pose or final corpse pose for even relaxation in your whole body. Savasana or corpse pose may seem a simple pose but requires a lot of concentration. If you end you yoga exercise in this pose correctly then it will help stimulate blood circulation in your whole body and will help relieve fatigue, nervousness, indigestion, constipation, insomnia, diabetes and asthma.

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