Asanas To Help You Out From Your Backache

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 1, 2012

Yoga is very important in our daily life and it can create positive impact on your health. By doing some asanas would be very good for your back. As the lifestyle and the way of working has changed which causes many of these ailments.


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The food habits with high on fat, cholesterol and other unwanted things just add up to your ailments.

Yoga done helps in relaxing your body and creates harmony in your body. The process of yoga is the idea about well-being in this fast and overly paced life.

It gives a therapeutic feeling once you are through with it. It makes you aware about your body and needs of stretching and stress free makes it very important for everyone to give it a try at least once.

Some common yoga poses which can be tried by you to break-free from the backache. The very common and very easy asana is the Shav asana (also known as the Corpse position) this helps in relaxing your body by lying flat on your back and relieving you from all the stress and tension. You can also do the Spinal Twist which would help in easing your tension in the upper back and shoulders, the cat stretch or cobra which increases flexibility of your spine.

Some of the other poses are the Camel pose, Cow pose, Locust pose, Lotus pose, Forward Bend, Palm Tree pose and Fish pose all these poses helps in relieving the back pain you keep complaining about. Some other poses which would help you are the Headstand, inverted poses, aswini mudra, plough these all the different poses which can be done if causes of backache is by displaced organs, weak muscles, from menstruation and other problems. Other asanas are tadasana samastithi, tadasana urdhva hastasana, tadasana urdhva baddha hastasna.

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