Yoga For Itchy, Dry, Irritated Or Watery Eyes

By pal | September 4, 2008
Yoga For Itchy Or Watery Eyes

Often many individuals face the same problem of watery, red eyes after hours spent staring at a computer screen. Eyes tend to water when you stare at a computer screen or television screen for long periods because they become dry. When the body senses this it is instructs the tear glands to release secretions to combat this dryness. One quick method of avoiding watery eyes is to look away from the computer screen every twenty minutes or so, close your eyes and blink them rapidly. This ensures that your eyes get moistened and relaxed.

Another problem with spending large amounts of time at the computer is that the eyes become strained and the eye muscles become weak. Yoga can really help to combat all these effects and help to make the eyes stronger again. Inverted postures such as the Sarvanga Asana (Shoulder Stand), the Sirsha Asana (Headstand) and the Hala Asana (Plow Posture) are especially beneficial as they allow blood to rush to the eyes and help to nourish the eye muscles.

That said and done, I would advise you not to restrict yourself to only performing these Yoga exercises. You will gain maximum benefits if you make Yoga a part of your daily life by attending Yoga classes taught by a trained Yoga teacher. Yoga is one of the few forms of exercise that not only makes your body healthy, but also boosts the function of all the organs, including the sensory organs.

You can also add these simple eye exercises to your Yoga routine to further strengthen your eyes and reduce the watering. While lying down flat on your back in the Shava Asana (Corpse Pose) close your eyes tight for five seconds and then open them. Repeat this process six times. Next rub your palms together and gently cup your closed eyes for about a minute. This beneficial technique can also be performed whenever you are working at the computer for long stretches.

Another great exercise is to trace the numbers of an imaginary clock with your eyes. Starting from the twelve o’ clock position, trace each number in multiples of three. This process should be repeated ten times. Then move your eyes horizontally from three o’ clock to nine o’ clock.

The Sambhavi Mudra is another excellent Yoga technique for strengthening the eyes and reducing eye strain. Focus at a point between your eyebrows with both eyes for a couple of seconds. Then slowly move your gaze down to the tip of your nose. Repeat this process six times. With a little bit o practice and dedication I am sure that Yoga is going to be as beneficial for your eyes as it was for mine.

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