Acupressure Massage for the Eyes

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of healing that involves the insertion of fine needles into specific points of the body. The theory is that energy flows through the body via channels or meridians.

Interruptions in the flow of this energy cause blockages that result in diseases. The acupuncture needles are inserted into the pressure points along these meridians and help to release the blockage and smooth the flow of energy.


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Acupressure is a system of healing that is derived from the principles of acupuncture. Instead of inserting needles, the pressure points are massaged using the fingers and thumbs. This also helps to relieve the blockages in the meridians and ensure the smooth flow of energy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine states that all eye diseases are linked to the liver. The eye is fed by all the organs with the lens and the pupil being linked to the kidneys, the sclera to the lungs, the upper eyelid to the spleen, the bottom eyelid to the stomach and the cornea and iris to the liver. Circulation to the eye is controlled by the spleen and the stomach. Problems with any of these internal organs will therefore affect the eyes. Massaging the various pressure points that are associated with these organs can have a beneficial effect on the organs and those parts of the eye linked to that specific organ.

Hoku Point

This point is located in the upper part of the web that connects the thumb with the forefinger. The Hoku point should be massaged for 1 minute by the application of pressure. The correct amount of pressure needs to be applied, just enough to cause soreness or tenderness. It should not cause pain. The rest of the hand muscles should be relaxed while the Hoku point is being massaged. Gently massaging this point is said to improve the circulation in this region.

Jing Ming Points

There are several acupressure points situated around the eyes and the bones that support the eyeballs. Of these, the Jing Ming (UB-1) point lies on the inner hollow of the eye where it meets the nose next to the tear ducts. It lies on the channel known as the Urinary Bladder Channel and is said to be an important pressure point in the treatment of a range of eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and loss of vision induced by hysteria. Massaging this point is also said to beneficial to those suffering from conjunctivitis or for elderly people suffering from blurred vision. Another point lies on the depression at the inner ends of the eyebrows.

This is known as the UB-2 point on the Urinary Bladder Channel and it too is reputed to be helpful in the treatment of the same eye disorders as the UB-1 point.

Si Bai Points

The Si Bai points, also known as the Four Whites, are located below the Chenqi (ST-1) point, in the depression at the infraorbital foramen. Massaging this point is reputed to benefit those suffering from redness, dryness and itching in the eyes, facial paralysis, facial tics, twitching eye lids and facial pain. It helps to clear the eyes and brighten vision.

The Four Point Massage

There are four points that lie on the rims around the eyes. To massage these points you will need to anchor your thumbs at the forehead and massage the rims around the eyes with your forefingers. This is believed to be very beneficial for the eyes.

The different points should be massaged with a gentle circular motion for approximately 5 to 10 seconds. Both eyes may be massaged simultaneously, with the massage being repeated as often as is comfortable throughout the day.

Take deep breaths as you are massaging the different points. This will help increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the points that are being massaged and will help to hasten the healing process. Practicing long, slow breathing from the abdominal region will help you to get the knack of this form of breathing.

Pregnant women should desist from massaging themselves, as improper techniques may have an adverse impact on their pregnancy. They should retain the services of a qualified and experienced acupressure therapist instead, but only after consulting their doctor.

Avoid using acupressure massage on regions where there is scar tissue, a wound, an infection or a burn.


The Zanzhu point is located on the bladder meridian on the inside end of the eyebrows. Massaging it will help to relieve watery or itchy eyes as well as provide relief from headaches.


This is a pressure point that is located at the midpoint of the eyebrows in the hollow region. Massaging this point is said to be beneficial for the treatment of eye strain caused by excessive reading or sitting for long periods in front of a computer monitor or television.

Acupressure Massage for the Eyes
Acupressure Massage for the Eyes
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