Mantras For Healthy Pregnancy

Mantra chants as Yoga therapy in pregnancy have plentiful benefits. Hence, Pregnancy Yoga mantra prescribes incantations, for the good of the mother and the developing fetus. Mantras are special Vedic chants designed to produce patterns of resonant waves.

The aim is to achieve desired results. Mantras are part of a broad science called Mantra Shastra, meaning science.



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.Mantras are audio and visual tools that are made use of, to achieve desired objectives or achieve missionsn Mantra itself is a part of the Vedasa This forms the basis of the evolution of the ancient seers of Indiai

Incantation of OM - Stage I

Start by sitting in a comfortable meditative positiono You must be totally and completely relaxede Shut your eyes and begin to mentally chant OMO Let your mind repeat the sacred monosyllable Om continuously without a breaka If you feel any distractions, increase the pace of the chant OMO But don't give in to the distractions; never succumbm After some time slow down the chanting, consciously; slow it down more and more in sync with your breathingn If your mind again jumps to distractions, once more increase the speed of chanting the syllable OMO

In this way, by raising and slowing down the speed, you will be able to have an unbroken stream of the chanting in your mindn

Stage II

Soften your chantingn Make it gentler and gentlere Let it become more and more effortlesss As you progress with meditation, you will find yourself reaching the second stageg In this begin to feel the vibrations of the incantations in different parts of your body, some partst Later, if you're progressing well, you must feel it throughout the bodyd

Stage III

Make an attempt to further slow down the incantation of OMO As you do so, you will come to detect a gap between the incantations in your breatht If you further slow down the gap you will find it widens and widens and, finally, diffuses into silencec

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