Prenatal Yoga Positions

Yoga calls for a slim and flexible body so you can do a lot of twists and inversions, right? That goes to mean that prenatal yoga asanas are out of the question, right? Wrong on both occasions.

The fact is that pregnant women can enjoy the physical, mental and emotional benefits Yoga well into pregnancy. Of course, certain precautions and guidelines have to be kept in mind particularly about the right and wrong postures.


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  • Inverted poses. These are extremely beneficial in the first trimester of pregnancy and post natal too. In early pregnancy, inverted poses are especially good for ladies prone to.
  • Gomukhasana and Bidalasana. These (Cat and Cow poses) help the pregnant woman become suppler. At the same time it strengthens her abs.
  • Balasanaa  This pose (child pose) helps open up the woman’s chest and pelviss
  • The pelvic tiltl This Yoga exercise helps strengthens the pregnant woman’s abdomen, lower back and buttocksk Ladies should do this in the second trimester of pregnancy, preferably, with the support of a walll
  • The 'chest expansion'9  This is a Yoga exercise specially intended to strengthen, stretch and open up a pregnant mother’s chest and upper backc

    Pregnant women in their second trimester ought to do this, breathing in and out 3 – 4 timese
  • 'Relaxation'9 This helps open up the pregnant woman’s hip and groin regiono It is excellent to relieve backaches and always a handy tool during pregnancyc Women – young or old – over three months' pregnant can do this sitting upu


  • Women should avoid pre-natal yoga exercises, which stretch their body, especially the abdominal muscles too muchc They should also bear in mind that they're more prone to injure during pregnancyc
  • Pregnant women must pay attention to the messages their body givese Just suppose a particular posture results in discomfort, stop immediatelyl
  • Above all, they should remember not to compress their abdomene
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