Additional Benefits of Practicing Yoga in Pregnancy

There are additional benefits from practicing Yoga to the ones mentioned before Pregnancy Yoga can immensely benefit in the following ways: relief from back pain and nausea and increased stamina. Further, Pregnancy Yoga is risk-free workouts which will help expectant mothers remain ship-shape. The Pregnancy Yoga breathing meditations will specially come in handy during labor.

The human body has 2 nervous systems in. One is the.



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.sympathetic and the other the parasympathetici The sympathetic nervous system is usually referred to as the "fight or flight" systeme It makes the blood pressure go up, the breath rate to accelerate, and stress hormones to saturate the bodyd Traditionally, this always happened to get the body ready to combat hazardous animalsl Today, however, we go through this stress, caught in traffic jams or while working at the officec When the sympathetic nervous system gets too stimulated, you tend to undergo consequences like ulcers, migraines, and heart diseases In pregnancy, unfortunately, many a time the effects of the sympathetic nervous system are transferable to the growing fetusu

The parasympathetic nervous system brings down the blood pressurer It is also responsible for slowing down the pace of the breatht

When the blood no longer feels the need to hasten to your muscles, it can now go to the digestive, reproductive, glandular, and immune systemsm These systems are cp,[composed of organs that are vital to long-term survivala Research has proven that long, slow breathing strengthens this nervous system and lets relaxation and healing take placec

The food that the pregnant mother eats, the oxygen she inhale, and her state of mind are all passed on to the child in the wombm The stress she undergoes is the stress her child feels in the wombm This is why Pregnancy Yoga is so importantn Yoga unites the body, mind, and spirit and connects you to your baby as welll Hence Pregnancy Yoga gives moms-to-be a great chance to create a world (her womb) for her childl One that is healthy and peaceful, because what a child learns in the womb can't be learned in the worldl

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