Yoga Moves To Be Avoided During Pregnancy

(January 23, 2009)

What asanas should be avoided when experiencing back pain, cardiac problems and blood pressure irregularity and pregnancy?

You have mentioned quite a few problems for a woman who is pregnant but you have not mentioned anything about her age or how physically fit she is. Nor have you mentioned the stage of pregnancy. There are different yoga asanas or postures for every stage of pregnancy and it is not possible to suggest anything just like that without knowing the details. With so many problems during pregnancy it would be best if you stick to your doctor’s advice and not try anything else without the doctor’s consent, as it might be harmful for the baby and the mother. Only if the doctor says that she is okay to practice yoga then she can be enrolled in a yoga class that is specially designed to help pregnant women. It is not advisable to practice yoga without the guidance of a proper qualified instructor during pregnancy as any wrong move could cause serious issues for the mother and child.

Dhyana or Meditation can safely be practiced during all stages of pregnancy, as it is extremely beneficial for both mother and child. There are special music tracks available that are designed to increase the benefits of Dhyana or meditation. Listening to these sounds while meditating makes the mother feel more peaceful and calm that helps to slow done the breathing at a very comfortable level. This helps to get rid of stress and the body responds positively to it. When this happens the baby automatically receives the calming and peaceful vibes and a better flow of blood and oxygen that helps in healthy growth. This also makes the baby and mother feel absolutely peaceful and comfortable. The mother may practice Dhyana or meditation in the Ardha Padmasana or the half lotus pose or if this is too difficult for her then she may try the Sukha Asana or the easy pose.

The mother may also practice the simple pranayama or the simple breathing exercises as these will help her to harmonize her breathing and will help her to breathe in the correct way. This is known to have had great benefits on the body as it optimizes the blood and oxygen flow and supply to the body. This fresh supply of blood and oxygen will help her and the baby to stay in good health throughout the term of pregnancy. It will also help to relieve the stress experienced during pregnancy.

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