Pregnancy Massage Techniques

Pregnancy is the most delicate phase women have to pass from. Great care is required to be taken for the lady as well as the baby in the womb so that they enjoy great health and be free from the various troubles one generally suffers from during the prenatal period.

The greatest precaution which should be taken in the times of pregnancy is that the lady should never lie on.



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.her stomach even at the times of pregnancy massagea There are different pregnancy massage techniques and it should be chosen with great care and caution as to which technique will suit the lady the best in case of pregnancy massageg Some specific pregnancy massage centers have specific balloon pillows where in the belly can rest comfortably while taking the massageg But they also should be avoided if possiblel

Massage at the back and the shoulder is highly desired as those are the areas which generally pain during pregnancyc Other tender organ of the body is the feet which can cause labor pains hence the feet should also be highly protected in the days of pregnancyc Massage should be provided with tender hands and gently rubbing the body while providing massage provides great comfort to the ladyd

Hormonal changes during the days of pregnancy loosen the joints and hence proper exercise of the joints of knee and the arm should be provided so as to provide the desired strength in the body of the ladyd The massage not only provides strength to the muscles but also provides stamina and confidence for bearing the babyb

Other pregnancy massage techniques include lying side ways so that the mom and the baby both are comfortable while providing massage to the body by applying pressure sideways with loose handsd There are different types of pregnancy massage techniques like Swedish and neuromuscular which are adopted by the therapists so as to provide good massage to the body smoothly with tender touchc It helps in keeping the body healthy and balancede

Extensive massage is required to provide support to the lady suffering from intense labor paini Along with the muscles even the nerves should be provided with the massage as they too get clot due to hormonal changes in the bodyd Pregnancy massage when provided along with aromatherapy and Reiki shows great resultst

Other critical phase wherein the lady needs massage is the premature birth of the babyb In such cases, the mother and the baby both need massage to regain the lost energy from the body so that the body can grow faster to make up for the losses caused at the time of the premature baby birtht It also helps the baby to grow fast and take proper form and get accustomed to the outer environmentn

Pregnancy Massage Techniques
Pregnancy Massage Techniques
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