Massage - A Message of Love to Your Baby

Submitted by babuli on August 16, 2012

Taking care of your first born can be very challenging especially in the early stages. Sleep seems to be the first casualty and every waking moment is spent ministering to the baby who now fills up your entire world. Experienced mothers who have been through the grind before can cope better, having acquired the skills previously.


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You should remember that the baby too undergoes a lot of stress. Every waking experience is new and unfamiliar, from the living to the eating arrangements. Massaging your baby can play a big role in easing the stress for both the mother and the baby.

This will provide you an opportunity to bond with your baby. This is a unique experience that can be deeply fulfilling and pleasurable.

Research has shown that infant massage can nurture both the physiological and psychological development of your baby. It provides an opportunity to slow things down amid the mad rush that a newborn seems to bring, an opportunity to show your baby love and affection and receive it in return. This is what makes the bond grow stronger.

Proponents of massage say there are many more benefits to be had from infant massage. They believe that infant massage can stimulate learning during childhood. Studies conducted seem to back up that claim, with researchers having noticed an increase in attention spans of babies receiving massage.

Babies who suffer from colic or unexplained bouts of crying that last for long will also find relief when massaged. Massage can help stimulate your baby’s delicate digestive system by reducing spasms in the colon, expelling gas and stimulating endorphin release which counters pain and promotes sleep and relaxation. It may not cure the colic completely but it sure will lessen the frequency and intensity of the attacks!

Infant massage may also help premature babies who are born before 37 weeks gestation. Studies show that babies massaged in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) are discharged from hospital much earlier than their peers on the back of faster weight gain. Not all NICUs are in favor of this treatment and it may not be suitable for all premature babies. If your baby is premature, check with your doctor about the suitability of infant massage.

Massaging your baby may not turn him into a genius but it will definitely help to calm and relax him and also make him more attentive to the world around. A calm and relaxed baby will sleep better and longer, which will provide you with welcome breaks from the tedium and help you to recharge your body faster.

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