What Is Reiki Meditation?

Many people confuse the term meditation with prayer. They are actually two very different things. To put it simply, when we pray, we are attempting to talk to God.

We are trying to tell him what we want. Meditation is when we take the time to actually find out what God is trying to say.

Reiki Meditation is an important tool for centering and calming the body, mind, and soul.


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It plays an important role in many traditional forms of healing and therapy.There are many different methods of performing the art of meditation; however the goal of all of these methods is the same. Most types of meditation rely on one of three methods to achieve a meditational state: monitoring breathing, reciting a mantra (chanting), or focusing on an object.

Reiki has also specified a form of meditation. This form of meditation helps the Reiki adept to connect with the life force of the universe and to centre himself (or herself) and his (or her) auras. Reiki meditation involves the use of Reiki mantras and focusing on Reiki symbols.

How Is Reiki Meditation Performed?

The ideal time for practicing Reiki meditation is early in the morning, when your mind is refreshed after the night's sleep. However, it can be performed during other times of the day as well, depending on your convenience. Reiki meditation should be performed in quiet, tranquil surroundings. Sit down comfortably on a chair or on the floor. Make sure that your back is straight, do not slouch or rest it against the back of the chair. Close your eyes and place your hands on your lap with your palms facing down.

Focus your attention on your "Hara", the area just below your navel where the body's energy is said to reside. Force your mind to focus on the mediation by stating your intentions in your mind.

Slowly lift your right hand to just below the left shoulder, palms facing downward. Slowly move this hand diagonally to the right hip. Repeat this motion with your left hand. This motion should be carried out thrice with each hand. Now join your hands as if saying a prayer and raise them above your head. Visualize energy entering your body through your hands and flowing down into your "Hara".

Now lower your hands down to their original position and focus on your breathing.When you breathe in through your nose, visualize energy flooding your body. When you exhale visualize that the energy is being transmitted from your body in all directions. Continue this process of breathing until you feel refreshed and re-energized.

Reiki Meditation
Reiki Meditation
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