Raindrop Massage Therapy

Raindrop therapy is a method of treatment in aromatherapy that involves the application of therapeutic essential oils on the back, followed by a healing and cleansing massage.

The unique raindrop therapy massage incorporates feather stroking similar to effleurage.


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D. Gary Young was the founder of the raindrop technique and developed raindrop therapy by using essential oils in the 1980s. He created a healing technique by combining his knowledge of the healing power of essential oils along with the technique he learned from Lakota Indians. He used this noninvasive technique to correct defects in the spine and to promote back health by correcting the curvature of spine.

According to Young, the toxins that lie dormant within the spine are the reason for many spinal problems and misalignments, and a raindrop therapy massage helps to remove such toxins from the spine, allowing the spine to return to its normal alignment.

How is therapy performed?

During a raindrop therapy massage, undiluted therapeutic grade essential oils are dropped like rain drops on the back along the spine. With gentle massage and light strokes, the essential oils get dispersed in the entire body through the nervous system.

Apart from dropping raindrop therapy oils on the back at the height of six inches, essential oils are also applied to the feet. The technique ‘vita flex’ that is applied in raindrop therapy is a therapeutic technique adapted from acupuncture, acupressure, and reflexology. Applying essential oils on the vital flex spinal points on the feet helps to remove toxins that are released during raindrop therapy. The essential oils used in raindrop technique infuse into the skin and nourish the skin and hydrate the body. Apart from rejuvenating the skin, essential oils help to align the spine by means of detoxification.

What is the principle behind raindrop therapy?

The principle behind raindrop technique is that the essential oils that are dropped on the body possess electromagnetic properties. These oils interact with the electromagnetic field of the receiver in a beneficial way, even before touching the skin. The techniques of vita flex, reflexology, and massage combined with the science of aroma along with the application of essential oils, effect the structural and electrical alignment in the body.

Consequently, raindrop therapy brings balance to the body without using excessive pressure. The stronger part of the electromagnetic field is within six inches, and so the oil is dropped from the height of six inches. Raindrop technique also causes an electrical exchange between the practitioner and the client and carries energy to the body.

What are the raindrop therapy oils?

The eight therapeutic grade essential oils that are used in raindrop therapy massage are aroma siez, basil, oregano, cypress, thyme, marjoram, peppermint, valor, and wintergreen. The essential oils used in raindrop therapy massage possess antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. These raindrop therapy oils penetrate the skin easily and aid in the healing process on both physical and spiritual levels.


  • Raindrop therapy is used to alleviate pain, illnesses, and vertebral weakness caused by spinal inflammations.
  • Spinal curvatures like scoliosis can also be corrected using raindrop therapy massage.
  • Raindrop therapy is believed to strengthen the immune system and improve metabolism.
  • Raindrop therapy also helps to relieve tension, boost energy levels, and enhance general wellness.

Word of caution

Raindrop therapy should not be attempted without proper raindrop therapy training. You can either visit a raindrop therapy expert or check online for training centers in your area. Additionally, raindrop therapy should be performed only with Young Living essential oils.

Contraindications and side effects of raindrop therapy may occur in children and pregnant women. Although raindrop therapy uses a few drops of essential oils, it may cause irritation and allergies to sensitive skin types.  Always check with your doctor before attempting new and alternative types of treatment.

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Raindrop Massage Therapy
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