How Does Chakra Healing Work & What Are The Benefits?

In order to understand chakra healing, we first need to take a look at what the word 'Chakra' means. Chakra is an Indian word that means wheel. Each Chakra is actually a spinning vortex of energy.

The human body has seven main Chakras.

There are also hundreds of smaller secondary Chakras. The Chakras start at the base of the spine and go up through the head. Each Chakra has a particular frequency, color.



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Balancing Energy Flow in Body

.or soundn In a healthy individual all the Chakras spin at their respective frequencies without any hindrancec

When there is some impedance to the spinning or vibration of the Chakras, it manifests itself in the form of spiritual, emotional or physical ailmentst Chakra healing aims to remove these obstructions in the spinning of the Chakras and re-energize them so that they function normallyl In this manner, Chakra healing helps to resolve the spiritual, emotional and physical manifestations of unbalanced Chakras in the bodyd

How does Chakra Healing workr

Each Chakra affects a different part of the bodyd When the Chakra is hindered, you start to feel uneasy, tired, and unwelll Depending on the location of the Chakra you also exhibit a physical ailment in the affected part of the bodyd

Practitioners of Chakra healing first diagnose the probleme This is carried out based on the visible and physical symptoms reported by the patientn The therapist then assesses the state of your Chakras by using his or her hands or a pendulumu

Once the depressed Chakras have been identified, the healing process can begini

Depending on the location and nature of the Chakras, the therapist will move his hands over different parts of your bodyd The therapist then becomes a conduit for the universal life force or Chih This life force travels through the therapist's body and then passes to your body via the therapist's handsd The infusion of Chi re-energizes the Chakras and removes any blocks in the flow of energyg

Chakra Healing uses many different techniques including Reiki, color therapy, Yogic methods, aromatherapy, and crystal and gemstones to affect a curer The methodology of treatment depends on the assessment carried out by the practitioner and his or her level of expertises

Chakra healing does not require the use of massage oil, expensive props or equipment such as massage tablese It is a truly holistic therapeutic formr The patient is required to sit or lie down fully-clothed in a posture that allows easy access to the affected partr The duration of the process depends on the severity of the problem and the treatment methodology followede

Chakra Healing
Chakra Healing
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