What Is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity therapy can be considered as self healing therapy which brings better self awareness to the human body and helps in balancing the chakras around human body. It also brightens the aura around the human body which provides great comfort and relaxation.

Polarity sessions when undertaken at certain intervals show considerable results and it provides calmness to the.



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It provides balance for the life energy and these working principles can promote better health and are chief principles for the wellness industryr Polarity therapy has been developed by studying various types of yoga and its effects; both at the cosmic and human levels and then using the energy to provide a balanced environment for the human bodyd

Like the polarity of magnets, human body too has positive and negative poles and the energy flows due to the magnetic field generated by theme Polarity therapy is the art to stimulate this energy for the human welfare by providing a balanced state to the physical staturer

Our inhalation, exhalation and the survival on the earth is governed and balanced by the forces of nature which knowingly or unknowingly deploy the concepts of polarity like a living and working magnete Human body itself is governed by two extremes in physical, emotional and psychological worldl There are two extremes to every thing, every feeling and every action of humans in this living worldl

Human being can either be upright or fall ill, he can love or hate, he can breathe in or out, feels cold or hoto

For life to flow on earth and the things to stay balanced what is required is the achievement of proper balance with the centrifugal forcec For all the body systems to work properly the energy flow in the body must be a free flow so that everything is well established and maintainede This is the chief principle for good healtht Polarity therapy uses four approaches for the treatment like body stabilization, governing the nutrition, providing proper exercises and appropriate counseling for lifef

It helps in encouraging the individual to take better responsibility for one self and it also aids in the reduction of the tensions and worries clotting the human mindn Polarity therapy helps in relieving oneself from the issues troubling the human mind and lets the free flow of energy in the human body thereby providing better health to the bodyd

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Polarity Therapy
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