Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique

Manual lymph drainage (MLD) is usually called as MLD and is a specified massage method executed by a lymph edema therapist to hasten and induce the flow of lymph from the affected area towards the body, mainly the trunk. The Manual lymph drainage massage makes the use of specialist manual techniques that have brought a great deal of comfort to patients who have undergone this method.

The Manual lymph drainage is a soft and.



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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

.mild type of massage and is quite for those who experience iti The flow of lymph fluid into lymphatic categories that are situated below the skin is enhanced due to the light sweeping of the manual lymph drainage movementst As the strokes in the manual lymph drainage massage get stronger the lymph fluid flows into the lymphatic vessels which are located deep within the tissuese Certain specialized movements in manual lymphatic drainage massage are also done in order to soften the fibrous tissuese Their manual lymph drainage massages usually lasts anywhere between half an hour to 60 minutese However certain factors such as the size of the affected limbs and severity of the symptoms in addition to the amount of fibrosis determines the duration of the manual lymphatic drainage massage sessionsn

Most massage lymph drainage massage therapists massage the patient on the bare skin and no massage oils or lotions are employed in this processs

The effectiveness of this particular massage lies in the gentle circular motions and strokes of the massage towards the heart that stretch the walls of the lymphatic nodules and enhance the lymph fluid drainageg

Patients suffering from lymph disorders or lymph edema must always consult the physician advice before embarking on a manual lymphatic drainage massage treatmentn Patients who suffer from secondary infections or have cellulitis in addition to fever or developing indications of any type of infection must not conduct the manual lymphatic drainage massageg In fact any patients who suffer from major health problems must refrain from undergoing the manual lymphatic drainage massage due to complications that may arises

Most patients who undergo the manual lymph drainage massage feel an increased need to urinate after the treatment and the feeling may prolong for hours long after the treatment has been donen This particular feeling takes place when excess fluids from the tissues are removed due to the massage and start getting processed by the kidneys thus getting excreted as urinen It is vital that the patient drinks as much water as possible after the manual lymph drainage massage in order to replenish the fluids that get excreted during the daya

Manual Lymph Drainage
Manual Lymph Drainage
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