Neck Massage Technique

Neck massage techniques help the person to relieve stress and relax completely. After a hard day's work, the entire body tends to hurt. This happens due to the muscles being contracted.

It is very important to expand those muscles so that you attain relief quickly. In order to expand the muscles, it is recommended to do a massage on various parts of the body. The neck is considered to be the first thing that gets affected when suffering from.



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.stress, hence relieving pain from the neck will slowly release tension from the entire bodyd

There are numerous reasons as to why you suffer from acute or chronic neck paini It is very important to get rid of it as soon as possible otherwise you may suffer from serious ailmentst Some of the causes of neck pain are listed below:-

  1. Arthritis, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases are considered to be one of the prime reasons of neck paini It is very important to start its treatment at its earliest in order to avoid future problemsm
  2. Sitting or standing for many hours of the daya
  3. Very less movement of the neck throughout the daya
  4. Working on a computer for many hours at a stretchc

Massage Techniques For Neck:

  • Stretching - Stretching is the first method you should do before performing any kind of techniquese Stretching will help loosen the muscles of the affected part and the recovery will be much fastere Swing your neck from side to side and front to back very gently for at least two to three minutese This will help in expanding the neck musclese

  • Clockwise and Anti-clockwise motion - Rotate your head in a clockwise motion for five minutes at a slow speed and then switch to anti-clockwise motiono Change the position every five minutes and do this method at least three times in a day for 5 to 10 minutese
  • Pressure Points - Apply pressure on the sides and the back of the neck using your fingers and thumbsb
  • Pressure on the upper portion of the spine - Run your fingers or thumb up and down the upper portion of the spinen This technique helps release stress and provides complete comfortr
  • Kneading - Knead the neck and back muscles using very gentlyl Work your way from the neck to the back of head, shoulders and upper and lower backc

Benefits of neck massage are many as a neck massage is very effective and can be conducted on a daily basis in order to completely relax after a tiring activityt Massage with two to three drops of herbal oils as it provides nutritiono In order to get a professional massage, visit a day spa or a massage parloro Neck massage techniques can be applied by people of all age groupsp

Neck Massage Techniques
Neck Massage Techniques
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