SHEN Therapy and its Benefits

SHEN is an acronym for Specific Human Emotional Nexus. This form of therapy was developed in the late 1970's in the USA.

SHEN therapy is energy based healing system that aims to restore any blockages in a person's energy field, thereby restoring the body and mind to its normal function.SHEN therapy seeks to release the mind from the burden of old emotional traumas and in doing so it gently points the body and mind towards a healthier direction.


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How Does SHEN Therapy Work?

The ancient medical texts of China, Japan talk of the life force or energy that pervades the entire universe, and our bodies. Modern science is slowly beginning to confirm the presence of this life force, or biofield as it is now called. This biofield is an electromagnetic field that is generated by the atoms and molecules of our bodies. The biofield envelops and circulates around our body in well-defined patterns. Any physical or mental trauma can induce blockages in the biofield and affect the direction of its flow. A SHEN therapist uses his or her hands to channel the biofield and restore and its proper flow. This helps to release blockages and ensure that the biofield circulates in proper patterns around the body.

What Are The Benefits Of SHEN Therapy?

The main focus of SHEN is on emotional healing. It can help to remove the trauma associated with past emotional scars and enable a person to freely talk about old issues without experiencing the negative emotions associated with them.

It helps patients face and deal with long forgotten emotional wounds and helps them to move on in a positive way. SHEN therapy is used to treat patients suffering from panic attacks, depression, low self-esteem and emotional stress. It helps to provide succor to patients suffering from sexual trauma or abuse. It can also ease the emotional scars of being bullied.

SHEN therapy is also an excellent support system for those coping with menopause. It also helps in the treatment of phobias. Those suffering from anger issues can also turn to SHEN therapy for resolving their problems.

Emotional disorders can also manifest themselves in to a variety of physical ailments. SHEN therapy can help to alleviate ailments by going to the root of the ailment and removing the emotional blockage that is causing it to manifest. It is useful in treating physical ailments such as eating disorders, stress related headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and high or low blood pressure.

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